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My First Whole 30


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Hello everyone,

I'm 23 years old, (I'll be 24 this October) and I'm doing the Whole 30 because I haven't had results from any program comparable to those I've experienced or witnessed from Paleo/Primal living, and also because I have some health issues I'm hoping will be healed or at least lessened by this lifestyle. Plus I really think it's a great way to live and makes a lot of sense to me environmentally and health-wise.

My first exposure to the "Paleo" way was in 2010 when a few co-workers started the diet after reading Robb Wolf's book "The Paleo Solution". I was on board for around three weeks and felt great before caving in to peer pressure and giving it up. Within the three weeks that I was eating Paleo, though, I noticed improvement in my vision, workout recovery time and performance, muscle definition, and mood. (Why'd I stop?!) During my short stint with the "diet" I recommended Robb Wolf's book to my parents, who went all-out and got outstanding results including (but not limited to) weight loss, alleviation of joint pain, decreased allergies, etc.

I have recently stopped a bodybuilding-style diet/workout plan that was pretty standard for the field (5-6 small meals a day, calculating protein/fat/carb ratios while eating oats, protein shakes, chicken, peanut butter, protein bars, lots of water, cheat days, etc....) It was going well and I gained some good muscle and strength, but I grew bored of the workouts and really don't like having to eat so often. Plus, for me, being in the military and in a demanding class 7 hours a day doesn't really facilitate eating so many meals, getting the proper regimented workouts in, doing homework, duty, and still finding enough time to sleep 8 hours a night (I don't think I ever do other than on some weekends.) Also, since I've read the Paleo and Primal books I felt a twinge of guilt when eating dairy, peanuts, and grains, not to mention limiting fat!

I am currently on leave and back home staying with my parents for a few days, so it won't be so easy to fall off the plan when I don't have class or duty as an excuse.

I purchased the Whole 30 Success Guide e-book last night and have started day one today.

My recent and/or current issues are as follows:

-Recurrent back pain/injuries (upper and lower)

-Shin splints (running)

-Knee pain (running)

-Difficulty sleeping


-Occasional bloating (face/stomach)



-Acne/skin issues

-Allergies (to most animals with fur, some plants)

-Addiction to sugar/carbs

What a list, right? I didn't want to leave anything out. If I can even eliminate one of these issues during my first Whole 30, It'll be awesome!

Current Stats:

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 117

Dimensions: 34-27-35

Day 1's Food


2 eggs (fried on a pan greased with a little coconut oil)

steamed broccoli


almond butter with cinnamon


Salad with grilled whitefish, cucumbers, guacamole, grilled peppers and onions, cilantro, salsa, squeeze of lime

Iced tea (unsweetened, of course)

Snack 1

chunk light tuna (in water) mixed with avocado

almond butter with cinnamon

black iced coffee (2 glasses)

3 organic strawberries

...and for dinner I have planned to grill a lamb burger (free range, grass-fed ground lamb)

with greek seasonings and grilled veggies with salad on the side.

So far I'm not missing the carbs or grains but I'm feeling pretty hungry and am tempted to eat the whole container of almond butter! (I won't...)

If you made it down to here, thanks for reading!


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Hey thanks for the support. I live with my sister in California and I'm returning Saturday night. I told her about Whole 30, and we're thinking of starting a brand new Whole30 together on Sunday the 22nd, so I will come back and give an update then. I did notice that while being compliant I stopped getting any new acne after the 2nd day.

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Day 1 of whole 30 restarted in California with my sister!

I had a spoonful of almond butter before a workout, then afterwards cooked what ended up reminding me of huevos rancheros... I made almond and coconut patties topped with eggs (fried stovetop in coconut oil) and tomatillo salsa, and some salad with guacamole on the side, and also an iced americano, unsweetened, with no milk.


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snack 1: dried apples, dates, almonds

lunch: half a key lime larabar, purewrap with organic almond and hazelnut butter, a few strawberries

iced unsweetened green tea

dinner: organic free range chicken tenders breaded with spiced coconut flour and one purewrap, shredded organic carrots

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Breakfast: organic gala apple with almond butter (hope I had enough protein) and an iced americano (black)

Lunch: chicken strips cooked in ghee with spices, mixed herbs and lettuce, shredded carrots, guacamole, and a purewrap with almond butter and sliced strawberries. gingerade kombucha

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