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Kitty's first whole30 log


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Hi there! Total noob here, and I figured logging every day would help keep me accountable, even if noone reads it. :)


Day 1:

2 eggs scrambled in olive oil with plate full o' spinach

2 salmon cakes with salad and avocado

Seared salmon, stuffed mushrooms with pecans and currants, and garlic-sauteed kale


Day 2:

2 eggs in coconut oil over spinach again. I got hungry way before lunch this time so I think I need to add another egg or more fat.

Salad with Sunbutter and dijon dressing and canned tuna in EVOO. I drained it though; didn't know you weren't supposed to with the oil variety (never ate it before).

4-oz chicken burger with salad and pumpkin raisin custard


Tune in tomorrow for more thrilling updates!

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A couple pieces  of feedback:

- check your dijon mustard to ensure it's compliant. Many dijons are not, as they contain white wine.

- sorry but a custard is not permitted on a Whole30, as paleo-ifying desserts is a no-no on a Whole30. 

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Thanks GFChris, I made sure to get a compliant dijon mustard. And I replied to your response in the pumpkin thread, but in case you read this first, the custard was savory, not a dessert. Technically it wasn't even a custard, which is any concoction thickened with milk and egg yolks, sweet or savory. Obviously I did not use milk, so I'm not sure what to call it. Pudding, perhaps, in the British/"steamed" sense of the word. ) Anyway, thanks for the tips!

Amberino, thanks for the input! I'll up my eggs tomorrow.

Thank you sheba-kitty (love your name)!

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Ok, here's some food for thought.


From a Whole30 perspective, this mixture is considered a dessert or paleo treat, even though it's savory/without sugar.  Given that you've just begun your first Whole30, my intention is to help you get you started on the right track, and avoid the slippery slopes. As part of the Whole30 process, we want you to reach a place of happily eating without consuming anything that resembles a dessert or a dessert substitute. 

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Ok, I guess I didn't explain it very well. My bad. :) The pumpkin...thing was not a dessert nor did it resemble dessert in any way, shape, or form. I ate it with dinner as another veggie. Being an ardent Anglophile, I'm very familiar with their traditional foods which include savory puddings as the main dish or side dish (they usually include suet, but I'm fresh of out that). That's what it reminded me of when I made it, not a dessert. The raisins were added for complementary flavor, not sweetness, much like you'd add apples to pork loin.


Sorry if I seem defensive--I just don't want you to think I'm sliding off the bandwagon already. :) I put a lot of thought and planning into this before I started, learned all the rules, and made sure to choose recipes that were compliant. Thank you so much for trying to keep me on track though!

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Day 3:

Made egg muffins this morning with assorted veggies and some herbs, and had 3 of them with salsa and half an avocado. Also forgot to log my coffee; every morning I have about a cup and a half with a quarter cup or so coconut milk.

Lunch was a big salad (a whole bag of 50/50 spinach/spring mix) with mustard and coconut amino dressing (I have found my new favorite food in coconut aminos, and even after whole30 I think I may never go back to soy sauce! I LOVE the stuff!). I also had a chicken burger with homemade mayo. I was going to use Mel Jouwan's recipe for mayo but because I was too lazy to wash my blender after, I found a recipe that uses an immersion blender in the jar you store the mayo in. Worked like a charm!

Dinner was going to be fancier but I had to work late and came home too ravenous to cook for an hour. So I had some more salad and nuked a few frozen salmon cakes from Monday (much to my family's chagrin--they whined that I stunk up the house, lol) and made a sort of tartar sauce with my tasty new mayo.


I went most of the day without having sugar cravings but they're really starting to kick in now. And it doesn't help that my friends keep pinning sugary fall desserts on their Pinterest pages! I'm so tempted to go eat some grapes but I know the last thing I should do is feed the sugar dragon. I think I'll go for a walk instead, it's beautiful out and finally cool. :)

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Day 4:

3 egg muffins with avocado mayo and salsa

Tuna in olive oil over wilted greens (really just a bagged spinach salad I steamed for a minute, because honestly I hate salad)

Buffalo wings! Super easy with Frank's Red Hot sauce (which is compliant), ghee, and garlic powder. Om nom nom. Had 6 small wings with leftover pumpkin thing. Regrettably I did not have time to make a green veggie to go with this, had about 5 minutes to assemble and run, so it was all carby pumpkin. Oh well, better tomorrow.


Also, I made ketchup with tomato sauce, ACV, and spices. It turned out pretty decent! Can't wait to slather it on some chicken burgers. :)

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Day 6:


Finished off the last of the egg muffins and am never making them again. They stuck to the muffin tin like lies on a politician, and it took me a good ten solid minutes of scrubbing the stupid thing to get all the egg off. I had used muffin liners too! Anyway.

Lunch was buffalo wings again with my favorite: salad! <_<  I have got to find another easy green veggie.

Dinner was...sushi! Yes, it's possible! My boyfriend and I had agreed to go (before we started whole30) to a sushi place to celebrate an acquaintance's birthday. I came packing coconut aminos in my purse. :P Boyfriend fell off the wagon today due to going wine tasting (but is determined to restart tomorrow, bless him!) so he ordered regular sushi. I ordered one of their non-dairy, soy-free rolls without rice. And all thanks be to the server and sushi chefs, they delivered a beautiful riceless roll of just fish, veggies, and seaweed. Of course it was pretty tiny, being riceless, so I ordered some sashimi too. Om nom nom.


I think I may have made a mistake at the end of the day, though. I bought some Asian pears at the market today and they were on my mind when I came home. I LOVE Asian pears and was seriously craving them. But I don't think I was craving sweetness, just their flavor and nice cool crispness (because if you'd offered me an Asian pear or a chocolate bar at that moment I would have picked the Asian pear hands down). And I was hungry, so I ate half of one with some Sunbutter. Did I feed the sugar dragon by giving in to the craving? I sure hope not, because it hasn't shut up all week and I want it to go away already!

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Day 7:


Breakfast: 3 eggs over chard and onions. Got full halfway through so this was 2 mini-meals.

Lunch: was supposed to be 3 salmon cakes with cabbage and bellpepper, but I only managed to get half of it down. Not much appetite today, I guess.

Dinner: I made the Well Fed pad thai recipe, but wasn't that impressed. I did get a little happy with the vinegar so that might be my own fault. Once again, dinner was split into 2 mini-meals because I couldn't finish my normal serving. Where is this lack of appetite when I need it, once a month when I inhale everything in the house? Ugh!


My evil brother baked an evil cake and left it sitting evilly on the counter. I want it so bad. The sugar cravings are NOT going away at all. How long will it take? Will they ever go away? *Sigh*.

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Day 8:


Another day of little appetite. I wonder if it's food boredom. I'm making fun new recipes but maybe the problem is the recipes don't have the things I WANT in them--cheese, chocolate, sugar, etc. Heck, even tofu. I really miss tofu.


Breakfast: deviled eggs, which I usually snarf with reckless abandon, but barely finished my plate today. The frozen spinach I nuked to go with it (low on groceries, lol) tasted better than the eggs. I'm so tired of eggs. I found a recipe for squash breakfast porridge which I think I'll make after I finish the dozen eggs I deviled.

Lunch: more pad thai. I tried valiantly to finish the modest serving (it was only like 2 cups of squash and veg with a few ounces of chicken) but the pad thai won.

Dinner: salad with tuna, brown mustard, and coconut aminos. Oh, and tomatoes! That's what was missing from my tuna salads before. It needed something and I couldn't figure it out til now. Looove tomatoes.

Also had a larabar for the first time, as an emergency snack, since I was out nannying and couldn't get home to fix dinner til late. The blueberry muffin flavor is pretty good!


On a related note, I was pleased to discover that my belly bloat is greatly reduced. This is a bit early according to the timeline, but I was eating mostly Paleo before anyway so I think that brought my dates back a bit. I know day 3 or 4 was definitely was a Kill All the Things day. :P


The sugar dragon is still alive and kicking. The kids I nanny got ice cream at soccer practice and HELLO cravings! I was doing pretty good til then (even after having eaten an overly sweet larabar). Then I came home to that evil cake which is still sitting evilly on the counter (now dressed in evil icing). My resolve is stronger than any craving ever will be, but it sure makes it unpleasant to be around sweets I can't have. I'M probably unpleasant to be around then too. :P But on the plus side, my cravings for processed food seem to have gone. Got the kids dinner at Taco Bell today and didn't have the slightest desire to order my usual 7-Layer burrito. Victory!

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Day 9:


Breakfast: leftover pad thai and sweet potato cubes, coffee with coconut milk. I keep forgetting to log the coffee, but I have it everyday.

Lunch: Fish tacos with avocado cream, which took forever and a million dishes to make and weren't even that great. It's disheartening to put your hopes in an awesome-sounding recipe and then have to eat the mediocre results. Took so long to make I ate some deviled eggs as a mini-meal (the recipe said to bake the fish for 5 minutes. 50 minutes later, mine were done). I meant to use chard leaves as the "taco" but ended up just making it into a cabbage/fish/avocado salad thing.

Dinner: Spaghetti squash with marinara (Classico is compliant, according to the label. One less thing I have to make!) and chicken burger. Blah. Everything blah. I'm so sick of cooking and eating.


Boyfriend is trying to do whole30 with me but I'm not sure how accurate he's being. I went over to his house today and he was enjoying a big ol' glass of wine from the stuff he bought wine tasting the other day. Oh well. I think he was mostly doing it to support me anyway. :) And he says he's lost a few pounds already, so I guess he's at least partly following?


And when will this sugar dragon DIE?

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