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sodium trypolyphosphate


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I purchased frozen salmon and shrimp recently and then noticed that there is an added ingredient of sodium tripolyphosphate.  The quick research that I performed showed that the FDA finds that it is "generally recognized as safe" and that it is used in foods, especially seafood, as a preservative and to retain moisture.  Is fish treated with Sodium triphosphate ok to eat during the Whole 30 or should I avoid this.

I am currently 16 days into the Whole 30 program after reading "It Starts with Food".  The affects have been terrific.  Physically noticable weight loss (though I haven't weighed myself since the start) and no sugar cravings, now.  I have been very carefull about making sure that any foods that I am buying does not have any added ingredients other than perhaps salt or olive oil.  

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