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What does "a week's worth of vegetables" look like at your house?


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I stopped at Whole Foods and picked up just a couple of things--2 bunches of kale, one bunch of collards, a stalk of brussels sprouts, 4 avocados, 5 zucchini (must.have.zoodles), a 3 pack of romaine.  Mind you I already have cabbage, and carrots, and onions and spinach and tomatoes at home.  And I'll probably need more before the week is up.  Just realized I have no broccoli.


I can't wait for my garden to come in.

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I live in a small 500 square foot apartment. I have a teeny tiny kitchen and an appropriately sized teeny tiny fridge. Not sure of the exact dimensions, but it's probably 30" wide and about 5 feet tall (I'm 5'9" and it's even with the middle of my neck). I went shopping for all my groceries for the week yesterday, and was literally cramming food into it. Today I'm doing my prepping and have cleared up a bit of space, but it's still pretty full.


I've got a head of cauliflower

a head of cabbage

2 lbs. green beans

4 lbs. carrots

1.5 lbs. fresh spinach

1 bunch kale

4 small sweet potatoes

2 bundles of green onions

1 very small napa cabbage

a bag of mung bean sprouts

a 3-pack of romaine hearts

3 lbs. onions

3 small leeks

1/2 a large bag of broccoli from costco, not sure how many pounds it is.

and 3 avocados


plus all the thawing meat, eggs, jarred olives and pickles, kombucha, fish sauce, coconut aminos, compliant mustard, and other condiments on the door...that sucker is pretty dang full.

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We are a family of 5 (2 adults on Whole 30, 1 teenager and 2 kids on a whole foods but not Whole 30 diet) and one average week of fruits and vegetables for us is:


10 avocados

10 yams

1 head of green cabbage

1 head of purple cabbage

7-10 zucchinis

4 heads of lettuce

2 lbs baby carrots

1 bunch regular carrots

2 acorn squash

4 lbs beets

3 lbs mushrooms

2 onions

2 bunches green onions

14 peppers

3 cucumbers

2 pints grape tomatoes

1 handful jalapeno peppers

2 large tomatoes

1 head of cauliflower

2 pounds broccoli


1 melon

2 pints strawberries

25 apples

14 bananas

28 kiwis


It takes up so much space that we are having a second fridge put in our kitchen tomorrow. I'm super excited!

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