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What does "a week's worth of vegetables" look like at your house?


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I started tallying this in my head while doing the dishes, and it surprised even me.  I know somebody asked if there was such a thing as 'too many vegetables', so I thought it might be fun to share what a typical week's veggies look like to some of us.


I am single, live alone, and cook for only myself.  Last week was fairly typical, and doesn't count any veggies that were in meals I reheated from an earlier cook-up (like beef stew for lunch).


2 bunches of chard (Swiss, red, or rainbow)

1 bunch of kale, or a clamshell of arugula

3 heads of romaine

2 onions

4 tomatoes

2 cucumbers

.5 lb mushrooms

1 bunch of asparagus

1.5 lb carrots

1 lb brussels sprouts

2 heads of broccoli

2 lb sweet potato

1 bag spinach

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bag spinach

lots of sweet potatoes

bag romaine





jicama (my new favorite vegetable)

collard greens

others I've had in the mix: caulifower, broccoli, asparagus, rutabaga, turnips, canned pumpkin,.canned sweet potato, kale, dandelion greens, mushrooms, canned artichoke hearts, cucumber, zucchini, peppers

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6-8 tomatoes (I love them!!)

3-4 bunches romaine and or whatever leafy greens I feel like

2 cucumbers

1-2 spaghetti squash

I bunch celery

1 bunch carrots

2-3 zucchini



4 -5onions

2 green peppers

2 red/yellow peppers

lots of mushrooms!

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sweet potatoes (5-7)

Japanese sweet potato

water spinach (1 bunch)

regular spinach (1 bunch)

green bell pepper

red bell pepper (3)

onions (4)

shallots (4)

tomatoes (a few)

sweet red peppers (2)

cucumbers (3)

jalapenos (4)

carrots (.5 lb)

yellow squash (1)

broccoli (frozen)

asparagus (1 bunch)

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having only 2 weeks to go on... but

1 really large container of spinach

1 bunch of Kale

usually some other leafy green, this week Arugula, my favorite

Asparagus (I will grill about a pound or so and split it up over a couple of days)

Some sort of squash, butternut last week, spaghetti this week

a few sweet potatos

about 4 tomato plus a container of cherry or grape tomato

4 onions

1 bag of baby carrots

usually 1 or 2 bags of frozen vegetables just in case.  Tonight I had some Whole Foods California Blend with Carrots Cauliflower and Broccoli


*Wholly Guacamole (good avacados are hard to find in NY, be sure to read the labels though, some contain sugar)

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For two:

(All approx, depends on availability...we try to buy organic/local)

About 16 zucchini

6-8 heads broccoli

1kg green beans

1-2 celery

1-2 cauliflower

1 green, 1 purple cabbage

2 leeks

6 onions

3 big cucumbers

1kg carrot

1kg beetroot

6-8 capsicum

10 big sweet potato

1-2 butternut pumpkin

2-3kg mushrooms

Herbs - thyme, dill, coriander, parsley

1kg Brussel sprouts

1.5kg baby spinach

1kg mixed salad leaves

2 big cos

4 punnets alfalfa sprouts

Frozen organic berries



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1 lb spinach

1 lb mixed baby greens

3 things of celery--celery is my go to scooper--egg salad, tuna salad, chicken salad--anything I used to eat on bread I now scoop up with celery. 

5 pounds of broccoli we eat a ton of broccoli, plus hubby usually takes a tub with him to work 

2 lbs brussel sprouts

2.5 lbs baby carrots

3 cucumbers

tomatoes 2-3 pounds



lots of mushrooms

sweet potatoes

green beans

bell peppers--red green yellow orange

3 bags broccoli slaw mix

3-4 bunches green onions

several yellow onions (I usually buy a 10 pound bag which can last a short bit, depending on what is on the menu)

1-2 bulbs garlic

5 avocados (I get them in a bag at Costco) 

Kirkland water packed artichoke hearts--1 jar a week--I discovered these the last time I went and I have been eating artichoke hearts nearly every day--probably will end up doubling it to 2 a week! 


now that fall is coming, parsnips, beets, turnips, various winter squash, other various root veggies--once it starts getting cooler, I will be doing a lot more roasted veg. 


I truly eat far more veg since I went paleo then I ever did before!

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This is amazing!  I bet if we invited our 'normal' friends and family to view this thread they would think it was impossible for anyone to consume this much plant matter in a week.  And it's mostly the normal veggies anyone would eat.  We just eat more than the couple of forkfuls they do.  Nothing weird or exotic about it.

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For two people:


3 heads of lettuce (red & green)

3 heads of broccoli


4-6 zucchini

10-12 carrots

Green cabbage

Red cabbage

8-10 tomatoes

2 cucumbers

Some mushrooms

2-4 parsnips

4 sweet potatoes

2 x rutabaga

4-5 beetroot

A bag of spinach

A couple of handfuls of brussel sprouts (lots more now that they are in season)

1-2 bulbs of garlic

6-10 avocados

2 x bananas

As many foraged blackberries we can get while they are in season

2 x squash


Wow just realised how much veg we eat! 

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CSA box last Thursday:



Bell Peppers




Green Beans






Purchased at the grocery on Friday:






Sweet Potatoes





Purchased at the Farmer's Market today:

Spaghetti Squash


Green Beans


Red Cabbage



That is for 4 people.


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Interesting post. Let's see, for 2 people:


Large bag spinach (hubby decided no kale) (breakfast scrambles)

5-ish sweet potatoes

1 rutabaga/1 lb parsnips

At least 1 pack mushrooms

2-4 cukes

1 lb carrots

1-3 onions

1-2 bunches celery

1 lb-ish broccoli

1 pack snap peas/snow peas.

Lettuce - 1 bunch (taco salad)

Cherry tomatoes - 2 packs+

Regular tomatoes - whatever looks freshest

Dill (only if I'm making pickles; if I am, then add 2 lbs pickling cukes)


We're pretty basic in our veggies. We regularly make roasted veggie mix (SP, rutabaga/parsnips, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli if we do it over the week) and just vary the spice mixture. Breakfast veggies are the spinach and more sweet potato (hey, our metabolisms support it! Maintaining weight easily here). Lunch are crudites - carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, snap peas, cukes, etc. The onions are just an average of about what we eat per week. I don't buy those weekly; I have a 5 lb bag I got a few weeks ago. Throw a bell pepper in occasionally, and that's most of my veggie intake (at least what's compliant...the occasional white potato sneaks in...*gasp*).

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I am realizing that I really don't eat a huge variety of vegetables, at least not any longer.  I had to start eating low FODMAP foods a couple of months ago to keep my IBS from destroying my life.  I'm still finding acceptable foods that I like.  So, this week I'm eating...


6 lbs carrots

2 large bunches broccoli

6 lbs spinach

4 lbs green beans

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I am realizing that I really don't eat a huge variety of vegetables, at least not any longer.  I had to start eating low FODMAP foods a couple of months ago to keep my IBS from destroying my life.  I'm still finding acceptable foods that I like.  So, this week I'm eating...


6 lbs carrots

2 large bunches broccoli

6 lbs spinach

4 lbs green beans

Kathii, you may find that after you've been doing this a while, your IBS symptoms lessen as your gut starts to heal.  So you may eventually be able to widen your choices.  Just take it slowly.

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Sweet Potatoes


Green Beans



Other squashes


Lettuces (usually spring mix or romaine)







Plus whatever I decide to try new to me. The amount I buy also varies from week to week, depending on sales.

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Thanks! These posts just made me feel much more normal :) I am day 3 and feel like I've spent the whole time juggling veges in the fridge. Every time I get it neatly packed I create more leftovers or prep food and then have to create more space. If I keep going with this diet a new bigger fridge is on the cards! I eat organic which means getting to the market so I hope I bought enough for a week but looking at your lists I'm wondering ...

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Hahaha love seeing this! I can never understand when people at the farmers markets have a small basket with a bunch of baby carrots and a few potatoes in there?! What, is that for the whole week or a mid-morning snack?


For 1.5 (9 year old sticks mainly to potatoes and beans)


1-2 celery

1 cauliflower

2 broccoli

6 capsicum

3 onions

4 zucchini

3 tomatoes + 300g cherry tomatoes

2 avocados

3 sweet poatoes

2-4 turnips/swedes

1 eggplant

1/2 small pumpkin

2 beetroot

500g mushrooms

7 carrots

2 cucumbers

Bunch spinach/kale

Big bag of salad greens

500g green beans


4 apples

3 bananas

1 mango


Wow. I'm glad I don't have to hunt/gather all that. 

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for two of us (he only eats the veggies at night)


a big thing of baby spinach

2-3 cucumbers

1/2 bag of carrots

4 zuchinni 

2-3 peppers

1 onion

8-10 sweet potatoes

2 celery roots

fresh dill, basil 

container of sprouts

6 or so avocados

1 bulb of garlic


this week I also had a spaghetti squash and have confirmed I just don't like it


fruit this week was kiwis, plantain and clementines


I love jicama but I think it's out of season here because I cannot find it anywhere

I also get tomatoes, celery occasionally. 

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For two, 2 weeks (hubby is not doing W30):



2 bags baby spinach

1 head romaine

10 bell peppers

2-3 containers mushrooms

2-3 onions

3 rutabagas

3 turnips

3 jicama

2 bunches kale

2 bunches collard greens

4 cauliflower

2 broccoli

green beans

brussels sprouts


16 or so zucchini & squash

1 acorn squash

1 butternut squash

lots of sweet potatoes

2 containers baby tomatoes

2 regular tomatoes

2 leeks

baby carrots

2 lbs eggplant

5 plantains




3 lbs bananas

1 carton raspberries

1 bag green grapes



6-8 Avocados

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Not as much now that so many things are going out of season and thus getting even more expensive.

2 pounds organic spinach

2 packages mushrooms

6-8 sweet hand sized sweet potatoes

6-8 avocados

1 butternut squash

2 acorn squash

2 delicata squash

1 kobucha squash

4-6 cucumbers

1 spaghetti squash

1-2 cauliflower

4 pounds carrots

Are these two considered veggies? I just consider them staples. Like salt and pepper.

2 celery

6 pounds onions (3 yellow and 3 red)

We also have a pantry full of canned veggies.

Black olives, beets (I prefer fresh, but cheap and quick does the trick as necessary too), garlic stuffed green olives, green beans, carrots and a bunch more than only dh and the dc eat.

I buy frozen too sometimes, but not often. Most of the frozen stuff is sold as preseasoned microwaveable style and I don't have a microwave and I don't like it preseasoned.

Fruit too?

4-5 pounds each of whatever looks good, usually shoot for three different fruits.



Organic Bananas





Canned pineapples, mandarin oranges, pears are kept in the pantry, but aren't a weekly purchase. More like every couple months.

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This week we used mostly what we had. But that, including what we bought:


1 head green leaf lettuce (taco salad, salad with roast)

1 bag spinach (salad with roast, spinach eggs for weekend)

5 tomatoes on the vine (salads, side with Sunday lunch with S&P)

3 cucumbers (salad, with chicken salad for lunches)

2 onions (chicken salad, roast)

1 bunch celery (chicken salad)

5 sweet potatoes (all fries...for 2 people for 1 meal, 4 people for 1 meal, and 1 person for 1 meal)

2 boxes cherry tomatoes (lunch with chicken salad)

1 head garlic (half roasted on the grill for aioli, the rest for seasoning roasts)

2 lbs carrots (roasts, salad)

1 rutabaga (2+ pounds, for roast)

1 pack baby Portobello mushrooms (roast)

4 avocados (I can't stand them, so for hubby with lunch)


Fruit - one pack of green grapes (so far only used in the chicken salad), 1 bag of raisins (because we took cake over to the friends' house we were eating at yesterday and I wanted SOMETHING I could eat...our dried fruit mix we keep around has sugar bomb pineapples/mangoes in it)


That's for 2 adults, and not even for the whole week. That covered Sunday through Wednesday lunch and dinner, Thursday dinner for one, and probably enough for Friday at least through Saturday breakfast.


We eat a lot, and we don't even do breakfasts for most weekdays at home! And we had to eat out for lunch today due to lack of ready-to-eat food in the house to pack for lunch. *sigh*

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Six zucchini

One spaghetti squash

One acorn squash

One cabbages

A bag if four bell peppers

Two bunches of kale

A 3 pounder of onions

Two pounds of Brussels sprouts

Four oarsnips


Six avocados

Which is why the whole 30 got me to buy two massive rear baskets with handles for my bike. I do everything on food. All these veg plus a whole chicken and a roast or something and I've broken my collarbones!! And broth, and canned tomatoes. The weight of the groceries: the real reason ppl get healthier eating whole!

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I did my shopping today (for myself only)...I bought:


2 lbs. carrots

2 (small) heads celery

2 cans tomato paste

1 head cauliflower

3 bunches broccoli

3-pack of romaine hearts

1/2 pound mushrooms

1 large bag frozen peas

1 english cucumber

4 pounds brussels sprouts

5 lb. bag of onions (this will last me a couple weeks)

1 small head cabbage

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I think most of us eat more vegetables than many vegetarians!


I find that when I return from holiday I'm craving vegetables. Got back yesterday and before I'd even made a coffee I was putting veggies on to steam.

I buy my veggies 3 or 4 times a week so I don't have much idea of what the totals are.

You've all inspired me to keep a list starting on Monday!

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