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It was bound to happen...


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...but i'm currently eating my lunch and going "ugh...i'm SO not enjoying this"


to be honest, i'm surprised it hadn't happened sooner.


but i'm eating scrambled eggs, vegtables, and avocado.


maybe because i ate eggs for breakfast. or the avocado is too soft, or maybe my seasoning was off


but i am NOT enjoying this lunch.


i'm actually kind of powering through it, just to - nope, i just changed my mind.  not eating this.



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I get it!  Totally happens to me at times as well.  There are only so many bites of kale I can handle!  Maybe you need more variety in your food choices?  If I eat eggs for breakfast, even the thought of eggs for dinner is unappetizing.  If I eat eggs for breakfast everyday, I often need a little switch up to keep me motivated.


I love to package leftovers into balanced meals and freeze them.  I reheat them in the microwave, and everyday I have an amazing lunch!  Another option is checking out Whole Foods hot bar.  I see you're in SaMo.  I recommend the WF on 23rd and Wilshire or the one on Barrington and National.  Both have great hot bars with tons of paleo/Whole30 options!

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paleopoledancer - i use the one on 23rd and wilshire all the time!


and yeah, i think i just got fed up of the same veggies and after egg for breakfast, reheated egg for lunch didn't cut it.


i haven't yet managed to cook a meal that has leftovers :)    cooking's new to me, so i've been basically cooking just enough for each meal.  i'm working on it, though!!  and look forward to the day soon when i have containers of frozen leftovers in my freezer!


the hot bar's a good idea, and fortunately they add ingredient lists so i can make sure i'm eating compliant.





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