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Jupiter's Log of Accountability!


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Here we go then, day one of my Whole30!

I think I have planned well enough food wise so no excuse there. I am wearing a bright purple wristband for the next 30 days to remind me what I am doing and why and so that I am conscious of everything I put in my mouth!

I have weighed and measured this morning as follows....

Weight 9 stone 5 pounds (131 pounds)

Waist 30.5 inches 77.5cm

Chest 38 inches 96.5 cm

Hips 38 inches 77.5cm

Height 5'3" (I don't expect that to change!)

Food today is.....

Breakfast - bacon, mushroom and tomato omelette

Lunch - curried courgette soup

Dinner - chilli with baked sweet potato and peppers

I am working a long night shift tonight so may take a few nuts in case I need something but normally I can get through without eating in the night.

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Hi Jupiter!

Love your wristband idea :)

Just a couple of things - did your lunch have any protein? And did you include some fat with lunch and dinner? Remember to include your serves of protein, fats and vegies in every meal as per the template.

If you want a snack during your shift because you're actually hungry, have a mini meal of protein, fats and vegies instead of just nuts.


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Well it's almost the end of day one and I am surprised to be feeling a touch of the carb flu!!

Prior to starting I had been 80/20 primal for over a year but I must admit that leading up to today I did have several 'days off' and have eaten some real junk!

Now I feel headachey and like I have a mild cold and I'm really tired! Just shows how badly the junk affects you doesn't it?

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Another good day so far. The flu like feeling I had has gone and considering I worked all night I feel pretty good today.

Have been food shopping and prepared some veggies for the fridge so it's easy to grab some for each meal. Made some ghee which seems to have worked so I'm looking forward to trying that.

Food today...

B - omelette filled with red peppers and sautéed butternut squash and bacon

L - missed because I was sleeping following a night shift

D - pan fried hake wrapped in Parma ham with roasted veg and a some mayo

I know I should have three meals but can't do much about that when I have to sleep in the day but I've not gone hungry so I guess that's ok!

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If you're sleeping during the day, you should be eating at night! Don't think your meals have to for the traditional breakfast/lunch/dinner time - meal 1 should be within an hour of waking, meal 2 is 4-5 later, then meal 3 another 4-5 hours after that!

To fit in with your night shift, perhaps have meal one before, meal 2 during work, meal 3 when you get home before bed ?

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If only my night shift were that simple! They are not 'normal' night shifts.

I am up all day before a night shift so I have meal one and meal two as normal. Then I go to work at 6 pm and I have meal 3 a couple of hours later. Then I work til 2.30am when I get a break til 7am where I can sleep. This break can be disturbed if we are very busy but generally it's not. So that's about 4 hours sleep albeit a bit disturbed at times.

I get home about 9.30am and have breakfast. I then need to sleep but unlike most night workers, because I've had a couple of hours overnight, I don't need to go to bed all day, plus my shift pattern doesn't call for two nights in a row ( told you it was complicated!) so....I am in bed by about 11am and generally up again at 1pm. Sometimes I just don't feel hungry so I don't eat again til about 5pm and after that I don't want more before I go to bed as it tends to be an early night for me following a night shift.

This way I suffer very little sleep deprivation and we all know how important enough sleep is, despite mine being broken up a bit.

However, I appreciate the importance of three meals a day and would love to hear suggestions of a small and compliant meal that I could have as meal two after I've had my post night shift nap! Bearing in mind I'm not generally hungry for that one.

Agree NomNomPaleo is great and she amazes me when it comes to her shifts and what she produces out of her kitchen!

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you could take some leftovers, or pack easy protein, some vegie sticks and a compliant dip (perhaps mayo or avo based for fats)


easy protein would be HB eggs, chicken pieces - either plain, or coconut crumbed strips would be tasty, tins of fish.


frittata or egg muffin would also be good to prepare in advance and you could add lots of vegies so as not to worry about having to add extras.

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It's day 3 and I feel tired and my clothes feel tighter than normal and there is a definite touch of KILL ALL THE THINGS about me today!

Hey ho, not to worry.

Food today......

B - smoked salmon scrambled eggs with sautéed broccoli and sprouts

L - Moroccan spiced meatball soup, a dish I invented after dreaming it last night! It's a butternut squash and sweet potato soup with spicy lamb meatballs in it and its lovely!

D - Thai red chicken curry, cauliflower rice and spinach

Did not sleep well last night at all. Got up for a wee a couple of times which I'm hoping is a bit of a detox going on. Lots and lots of dreams and kept waking up.

The wristband is doing the job at keeping me on track. Simple but effective!

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Day 4!

Well that was a better nights sleep! The KILL ALL THE THINGS feeling is subsiding and I am starting to feel quite good. Amazing how this focuses the mind too. A lot of things about my life are going through my head at the moment and I am starting to get them in order....interesting!

Here in the UK we are having a charity promotion called Sober for October. Basically you sign up and get sponsors for MacMillan who are a cancer care charity. Well seeing as I was off the booze for the whole30, I signed up and have already raise £55 which aint bad for 24 hours!

It also means that there is no way I shall succumb to alcohol during my W30 and this was my weakest point so now I feel even more determined and confident of success. There is no way I can let people down who have put their faith in me by sponsoring me now is there?

Food plan for today.....

B - smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and sautéed veggies and mayo

L - roast chicken, avocado, spinach and mayo

D - slow cooked lamb, celeriac mash and greens

Look at that menu!! It's hardly torture this WOE is it??

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Well! Last night I went to our local open mic night as I do every wednesday and normally it would involve a glass or two of wine, but not last night! Oh no! I had two pints of fizzy water with fresh lime and it was fine, really fine! Plus we raised a lot of money for our Sober for October charity campaign, that follwed by a good nights sleep has left me feeling bright and breezy this morning.


At work today I am celebrating 20 years in my fire service job and the usual thing would be to buy cakes, but not today! :D

Instead I have brought strawberries in for them so they can have theirs with cream and I can have some without and they all seem very happy with that.


Food plan for today...


B - Bacon, scrambled eggs with sauteed sprouts and brocolli


L - Leftover lamg, celeriac and greens from yesterdays dinner



D - baked sweet potato with bolognaise sauce and veg


I am finding it hard not to weigh myself as I used to be a twice a day weigher! So, have put the scales out of sight til the end of the month.

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