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Mourning the loss of my love affair with food.


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I will say that my grassfed 1/4 cow is delicious. Beyond delicious. Seriously amazingly wow delicious.


The first thing I made was tacos, so that didn't really let me taste it at all. But the slow cooker roast I ate last night...wow. First of all, the combo of veggies and spices was good. 1 rutabaga, peeled and chopped (it turned almost orange in the cooker!). 4-5 carrots. 1 big pack white mushrooms. 1 onion. Small bunch parsley. I salted and peppered the roast well, put it on the bottom. Rutabagas, carrots, mushrooms, onion, parsley in that order. Some water. Didn't completely cover the roast though.


Low for 8 hours, put it in the fridge as I left for work. Had it for dinner and HOLY AMAZINGNESS. The roast was fully cooked, but was red in the middle. It was pull-apart tender. It was beyond delicious. The rutabagas turned into this glorious light orange semisweet amazing bite of delicious. 


Seriously. I liked my pot roast that much. Who needs white potatoes? Rutabagas OWN THEM.

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