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Frustrated on Day 21. Did I totally mess up?


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Today's actually Day 22, but yesterday I was perusing this forum, and read a thread about dextrose in iodized sea salt. In other words, SUGAR IN MY SALT?! 


I use three kinds of salt: French grey sea salt when I cook, Himalayan salt in a grinder at the table, and a shaker of Hain iodized sea salt. The Hain salt sits in a shaker on the kitchen counter, and I usually used it no more than once a day on a salad. And I don't dowse things in salt, so it was maybe three shakes and done.


Clearly, I won't be using it anymore. Because dextrose.


I know this probably falls under the "inadvertent/unintentional" use category, so I should just move on and stop worrying about it. And if it were Day 2 or 4 or 8, I wouldn't care that much. But it was Day 21, and I've been trying so hard to stay within the Whole30 parameters, and I've been steel-willed in the face of temptation. And yet I've unknowingly self-sabotaged. 


Ugh. I just need some reassurance. Or someone to tell me I need to start over. Thanks in advance. 



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