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Sick Day16

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I've been doing well with the eating plan for the past 15 days. Last night I had a near migraine type headache and spent the evening trying to rest (all approved meals yesterday). Today, I am still battling a headache and can hardly eat. I know I should eat, but the moment I start eating something, I feel like I'm going to throw up. 



Breakfast (7:30a): One fried egg with maybe a 1/2-1C of cauliflower "rice" and half a banana

*(10a) Small Handful of raisins to keep me from throwing up and tried to eat half a sweet potato which I couldn't finish (maybe a 1/4 of the potato eaten) 

Lunch?(12p): tried to eat a half breast of chicken - got through half before feeling like throwing up.


I've had lots of water as that's the only thing I can seem to easily stomach. A few sips of black coffee earlier today but stopped since it made me feel yucky. 


So...what do I do while I feel this way? 

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