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Experiences with alcohol and sleep


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Hi All


So, it's been several weeks since I finished my whole30.  I've been staying 95% compliant.  I'm quickly approaching my target weight, my blood pressure has normalized, rosacea healed, mood and energy good.  The only thing I've been trying to add back to my diet is some wine a few times a week.  But, every time I have even one glass of wine now I wake up at 5:15am the next morning and caanot get back to sleep.  I've never really had this problem before.  Sure, alcohol causes sleep disturbance in most people, but this seems much more intense and is triggered by even a small amount of alcohol.  I understand that alcohol can cause a hypoglycemic effect in the body.  So, because of the relatively low carb aspect of my diet am I likely waking from some hypoglycemic stress response?  I eat sweet potato every day, but usually at lunch.  My evening meal is typically some type of protein (steak, chicken, etc.) and a large portion of vegetables.  I always include a healthy amount of fat.  Anyone else experience this since they shifted their diet?  Anything that helped?  I know alcohol is not "healthy" but I'd like to be able to have a couple glasses from time to time without being struck by the "booze rooster!"



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I drank a few beers while on day 22 (yes, I know it was cheating). Disclaimer: We went from the west coast to Florida to participate in a triathlon with a group of 40 friends. It was my first tri and while I stayed compliant food wise, I did indulge in alcohol as part of the celebration.

Anyway, it was the worst night sleep I had had in a long time! I tossed and turned, felt overheated and woke up several times. It was awful.

My only thought is to try to flush the toxin out of your system ASAP by drinking a glass of water for each glass of wine. Not sure if that will help, but maybe worth a try.

Oh, also a chug of coconut water before bed should help to replace some electrolytes that your body uses because of the alcohol.

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