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Pork Rinds?


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I remember from the Well Fed Scotch eggs recipe that Whole9 had said that pork rinds were not a very nutritional choice.  I made mind with crumbled, pastured bacon instead.




"UPDATE (07.18.10):

I tried one of my reader's suggestions and rolled the meatball in crushed pork rinds before baking. They were delicious – but also problematic because I can't control myself when pork rinds are in the house. I definitely overeat those salty, crispy little buggers. If you don't have that problem, you might want to try the addition of the pork rinds. They do a great job of mimicking the bread crumbs that I banished from my recipe. (You should also know thatMelissa and Dallas of Whole9 Life do not endorse this version of the recipe, but the basic recipe above is totally A-OK.)"

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