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Starting in August


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Hey All,

Seems to be quite a few of us starting August.

I work for a library and have the book on hold, should be getting it sometime this week, so I figure that will give me time to absorb the information before starting. August is also a good month since I have a big weight loss goal coming up on September 1st and I will be staying home for most of the month so I'll have far fewer temptations than I might otherwise.

I've been becoming more and more primal with my diet over the last 3 months, I have cut out most of my grains and dairy already, really started eating more veggies and fruit and cut out soda entirely (a big deal for someone who used to drink 2-3 glasses a day in college - and about a glass a day since then too).

It'll definitely be a challenge for me, but I think I can do it with accountability and support.

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