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Birth Control Pills? Should I stop during Whole30?


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I started taking Minastrin 24 Fe about a year and a half ago after living with really bad periods for a long time. (Heavy bleeding, awful cramps, PMS that included  horrible mood swings and depression for up to two weeks before, etc…) My doctor recommended BC as a means of controlling all of this and it has been successful in helping big time.


Of course the "clean" wanna-be chemical-free person inside hates having to take pills.


I took my last pill for this month last night (coincidentally) and am beginning my first Whole30 today. Should I try to skip the pill during my Whole30 time or should I just take it as usual? These pills are chewable and I detect a slight minty taste. This concerns me. I can only guess that there's some kind of artificial flavor added - though I have been unable to find any "inactive" ingredients listed (only the main formula).  


I am fearful of going back to that period misery but also don't want to compromise the point of the program.


Any thoughts/advice/similar experience would be greatly appreciated. 




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I too am pondering over the birth control aspect of whole30. I am on the pill and today is day 3 of my whole30 journey. It is also day 1 of the pill. I have taken it this morning but then I read the ingredients. It contains both lactose and sucrose, admittedly, in a pill that size the amounts must be miniscule, but still. Should I continue to take it or will it affect my results if I stop? ie, I won't know what changes in feelings, body shape etc are attributable to whole30 and which are the result of stopping the pill.


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