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Welcome home, tiger blood. DAY ONE 1/6/2014


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The holidays were a blur of terrible food and drink choices. I found myself looking forward to today in way that could cause someone to question my sanity. 


"Why not just quit eating pie and drinking so much gin, like, now??" They might query. 


"...." I would reply, staring blankly at them. What do those words even mean? 


So here we are at Day 1. The house is purged. The template is set. The family (me and my husband) just have to get used to paying attention after months of unconsciousness.  



Eat at the table, together, for breakfast and dinner. 

Sleep 8+ hours

Log regularly, especially to note when inflammation symptoms start lifting. 


Meal 1 around 730am

sausage made of ground pork mixed with wholefoods chorizo which is sugar-free

"normandy" veg (squash, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots)

scrambled egg 

fats: ghee, pork fat, coconut oil

black tea


The last time I bought jeans (post-September), I had to keep trying on smaller sizes than I was used to. It was an odd feeling, especially since I didn't really believe my body had changed all that much. And the weird thing is, shape-wise it really didn't. That made looking in the mirror pointless, because I looked the same. My eye couldn't detect that I was just shrinking. But since my "holiday" from sanity and self-care, I'm pretty sure I'm puffed back up. I'm hoping it's inflammation that will subside, but even if it's not, better late than never. 


Meal 2 

big salad with a chicken thigh 

dressing: olive oil

grapes and apples w/cinnamon.




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I can totally relate to your experience trying on jeans. I also suffer from the "if I can't see it, it must not be true" sensation of my own body image. Being able to fit in smaller clothes just meant the manufacturer made the smaller sizes more 'roomy' because to me, I still looked the same. That is definitely something I have decided to let go of to take this journey! It sounds like you are off to a great start and you will own you Whole30 as well!!!!

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Meal 3 yesterday seemed a long time from meal 2. I think I need to eat more fat mid-day. 


Meal 3 was chicken and greens and sweet potatoes. 



sugar-free bacon ends + a huge amount of broccoli and cabbage, and some scrambled egg to hold it all together. 


Meal 2 will be with my mom at whole foods. I usually get some salad and carne asada from the deli, which is compliant according to their list of ingredients. 


Slept marginally better last night, wasn't as hard falling asleep, and I only woke once in the night. 


Day 2!!! Yeaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!

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Meal 2: Salad and carne asada from the deli, along with a kombucha. Salad was baby lettuces, grape tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, dressed with olive oil. 


Meal 3: TACO MEAT TUESDAY: taco seasoned ground beef over baby lettuces with avocado, chopped white onion, scallions. DELICIOUS.

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Mostly just headachy today on Day 4 for some reason. Also, my sleep has not been good yet. I know it gets better, but this bad sleep is extremely vexing. 


Meal 3 last night: chix w/sweet potatoes & veg



M1 broccoli cauli zucchini cabbage egg sausage

M2 salad w/chicken thigh

snack Avo


I had to eat my salad early today, but since I knew that, I thought ahead and saved my avocado for in case i was hungry later in the afternoon. 


I do feel kind of cranky but mostly just tired. First week back to work after a long time off combined with first week of W30 is wearing me down. 

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In the past weekends have been rough for us. Unstructured days, sleeping in, etc. 


So, here's my best recollection: 


Friday and saturday breakfasts were seasoned pork chops with mounds of green beans

Friday meal 3 was carnitas salad from chipotle. I think lunch was tuna salad.

Saturday lunch was also tuna salad.



All meals were compliant, some had more veg than others. 


I need to keep a better log!

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This morning I dared to try on the jeans I bought before the holidays. They're pretty tight, but I was able to button and zip them. So things aren't as bad as I thought, because those jeans are 2 sizes smaller than I've bought in a LONG TIME. 


My meals are all the same so it's getting boring logging them. We found that having a very VERY simple template is the key for us. So, we cook up a mess of chicken thighs, make homemade sugar-free sausage, have grass-fed ground beef on hand, and since it's winter, GIANT bags of frozen veg. 


Every meal is a mound of vegetables with a serving of protein. Sometimes a sauce, sometimes just Franks RedHot original hot sauce. 

At lunch I usually have salad w/protein and some fruit


I drink water, black tea, and on occasion black coffee. 


I know lots of people make meal plans with tons of new recipes, but I prefer to have more complicated "fancy" recipes when we're just off-roading. For me, the W30 is no time to mess with things...simple and basic works. 


In addition to my jeans triumph, I parked far away from work and took a 10-min walk in. Time to put this burgeoning tiger blood to use!

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I agree about keeping things simple misshannah! Although I do feel a bit of food boredom from time to time, I would rather have a bunch of good go-to recipes, that are quick and satisfying, than stress about being really creative with my food at this point. Besides, after a Whole30, there are a lot more ingredients you could be able to use, if they don't bother your gut of course! Congrats on your jeans triumph.....I've had one myself and they are AWESOME! You are doing so good!

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Thanks for checking!


I'm fine but my routine is so boring I haven't even remembered to log it! I guess the big news is that I've added some small bodyweight exercises every day and am walking a bit more. I have a big trip in early summer where I'm going to be walking a LOT and I feel so out of shape, so I'm trying to work up to feeling more fit. Luckily eating this way is really helping that. 


Yesterdays meals: 

M1 egg muffins w/compliant chorizo and mixed veg plus 1/2 avocado

M2 homemade roast beef, compliant horseradish mayo, salad 1/2 avo

M3 pork chops and sauteed cabbage and apple


I noticed that this W30 I haven't had to battle Snack Demon AT ALL. if I am really hungry between meals, however, I have emergency fat at my desk (sunflower seeds) and I'll eat a mouthful/teaspoon or so. That holds me until my next meal. I don't think of it as a snack, and I'm not doing it because I'm bored or snacky, which is what used to happen. This has only occured if I didn't have enough fat at breakfast, AND I've been more active. It happened day before yesterday, which is why I added the avo to my breakfast yesterday, and I was well-held until lunch. 

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