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My name is Suzanne, 42, from the Netherlands. Food has always been important to me. I love to bake and make Japanese-style bento boxes for lunch. My weight has never been a real issue, nor is it now.

In spring I started eating low carb, but I was missing something. It felt like I should be able to eat better and more pure. On the internet I came across Mark's Daily Apple, information on Primal food and started eating accordingly. I cut out the grains and after a few weeks the yoghurt (we have "kwark", a stage between cottage cheese and yoghurt).

I can't say I have lost weight, maybe 2 kilos in six months, but that's no problem. My sugar lows have disappeared and no more stomach-aches. I do have cravings in between and feel like I could eat all day. I probably don't eat enough per meal.

My son is twelve, almost thirteen and he's been mocking me for a long time. So now I have challenged him to join me in our first Whole30. He has agreed! We start this Friday, 27 July.

I don't want to impose my way of eating on him, but this way he can compare and make a decision for himself.

My biggest challenge will be to make sure we eat enough each meal. He's growing like a weed!

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Hi Suzanne,

The key to eating enough will probably be making sure you include good fats in your meals - olives, olive oil, coconut flakes, coconut oil, avocado, avocado oil, etc. Many people lose control eating nuts as a snack, but I like to cook with nuts - sprinkling a handful of cashews or walnut pieces on top of stir-fries. The nuts up the fat content of a meal and give some nice crunchy texture.

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