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Restarting whole 30 tomorrow!! Joining forum for the much needed support.


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I started the Whole 30 and did great the first 11 days.  I did cheat and have a small piece of dark chocolate when I got stressed out at work.  I decided to take a weekend off of the WHOLE 30 because my husband and I had a planned weekend getaway and I wanted to partake in a glass of wine (or 2) and not be stressed out about food the whole time.  


We had a great kid-free weekend, but now I cannot seem to get my motivation back to start over!!!!


I really, really need this because I don't feel that great...  very tired, not sleeping well, depressed off and on (due to hormones and stress I think) and also feel more tired than I should. 


I'm hoping that keeping track of my meals on the forum and chatting with like-minded individuals will help me to stick to the next 30 days of clean eating. 


I'm prepping food and making my shopping lists today!!



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We are all here!!! And many of us have been in the "reset button" category.  ;)  I consider myself a semi-professional re-starter...Day 13 is coming to a close for me...KEY here is what you already said "...did great for first 11 days..." that tells me YOU can ABSOLUTELY DO THIS!!! No question!!! You will sleep better, breathe better, depression will slowly lift...and vula!! Life on lifes terms and still making really smart choices!!! yay!!! I have found there needs to be an element of desperation and humility... :)

Best of luck tomorrow...keep us posted!!

Grandma Carolyn

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Thanks for your words of advice and encouragement. I learned a lot about myself during my slip up! I now know what triggers me to make bad choices in food -- too little sleep, stress at work, and drinking any kind of alcohol sets me up the next day to crave sugar and carbs. 


I'm feeling pretty pumped up to start again tomorrow. Grocery shopping is DONE!! sweet potato hash with spinach and eggs is what's for breakfast at my house tomorrow! 

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Food log Day 1: advice welcome 



coffee with coconut milk (canned) 

2 eggs cooked in ghee 

sweet potato hash cooked in olive oil



AM snack: 

1 hard boiled egg

21DSD ketchup

homemade mayo - olive oil and walnut oil blend

2 baby dill pickles 



crockpot chicken and sweet potatoes with kale, black olives, celery

herbal tea 



ground turkey

spaghetti sauce

zucchinni noodles



kalamata olives - 3

bite of sweet potato hash

1/2 hard boiled egg



I could work on eating a little more at my meals to forgo the snacking.... Although, I work out a lot and sometimes those are my quick pre- and post- workout snacks. 


I more day of clean eating in the books!  :)  ;)  :P  :D

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How are things progressing? You might get more feedback if you move your log to this section of the forum: http://forum.whole9life.com/forum/24-your-whole30-log/


You are right that you could be eating more...particularly at your first meal. A serving of eggs is as many whole ones as you can hold in your hand. Typically at least 3. You have the right idea of what a snack should look like if you need it though.

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