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Think I need a check-in


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Ok. So I'm on day 28 and have been focusing on eating compliant foods and trying to do 3 meals. I am a teacher so my day starts EARLY and I have an annoying lunch time that leaves me quite hungry at day end. I'm feeling good and having decent workouts (I strength train 3x a week and have just started (last week) a newbie triathlon training program- one which starts really slowly...). Anyhow, I am definitely getting pudge on the belly, and I have NEVER had that... I'm one of those people with flat abs even when I'm overweight. But now I have chub and it's growing.

Here's what I've eaten today. Someone tell me if my template - following is off.

M1. Half an avocado, 2 fried eggs, chicken thigh

M2. Ground turkey blended with onions peppers and tomatoes and spiced for tacos - about half a pound, handful of roasted butternut squash, mango salsa

Pre-workout - small sweet potato with coconut milk and ghee

Post workout - 2 boneless skinless chicken thighs

M3. Sweet potato hash with kale (one small sweet potato chopped), Brussels sprouts - half a steamfresh package, 3 poached eggs. 4 dates. Coconut milk in tea.

As I write this I feel like I'm overeating.. Or whether I need to adjust.

I plan to test foods for reintroduction starting on day 31 but only to see if they bother me. I like whole30 eating and will probably continue this way.

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not too bad, and probably not too much food, if this feels good. That said, there are a few tweaks I would make:


M1 should have vegetables. avocado is really more a fat source than veg. Find a way to have a good 2-3 cups of vegetables along with your protein and fat.


M2 looks fine.


M3 Pre-WO should be protein and fat, not carbohydrate. This can be pretty small. I always have a HB egg, but you could do a small fatty meat serving, or a handful of nuts, that sort of thing. not a starchy carb. The goal is to become flexible in what kind of fuel your body uses during exercise. If you provide easy carbs in your preWO, that's what will get used first.


M4 Post-WO should be protein and carb, low fat. Here is where you might have sweet potato (skip the coconut milk and ghee), alongside some lean protein like chicken breast (chicken thigh is too fatty). Keeping this low in fat means nutrients/protein/glycogen get into your system asap to repair and replenish.


M5 looks ok. 4 dates is a lot of dates, though. Most people have more success limiting or eliminating dried fruit (especially dates!) in their program. If you have these every single night I would think about why.


Congrats on day 28! 

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