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Why 3 meals?


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The hormonal rhythms of our bodies are suited to three meals per day. By eating every 4-6 hours during the day, our hormonal processes are able to finish one meal before starting the next. This is an over simplification of the science, but you can read more details in It Starts With Food.


When you are eating foods that spike your glucose like dairy, bread, sugar, etc. You may feel a little better eating 6 small meals per day. When you are eating meat, veggies, and fats, your glucose behaves nicely and you do very well. It takes some time to adjust to eating 3 big meals per day, but it is definitely worth it.


I used to eat 6 times per day at minimum. I was mean if I got hungry and I got hungry quickly. Now that I am adjusted to three meals per day, I could not imagine living like I did before.

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