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I have been eating wheat free and gluten free since oct 2013, lost about 20 lbs and in search of new recipes and meal ideas once weight loss plateau and came across whole 30. Lots of recipes I come across include coconut oil or coconut in some form and I really really dislike the taste so afraid to try recipes. Not feeling satisfied by meals lately and looking forward to reset from whole 30, any tips or suggestions for coconut product substitutes?

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I really hate the taste of coconut too, so here's what I do:


- if the recipe calls for coconut oil but the flavor will be covered up (eg, sauteeing onions for chili), I'll use the coconut oil

- if the recipe calls for coconut oil and I will taste it (eg, sauteeing meat), I sub ghee (or well sourced lard/tallow would work too)

- if the recipe calls for coconut milk, I usually use it - coconut milk doesn't have as strong a taste to me, and in the Whole30 recipes I've made it's usually in small quantities (to have something for "breading" to stick to, for example)

- if it calls for shredded coconut or coconut flakes, I usually don't try the recipe. Maybe one day I'll get brave enough to!


Coconut aminos don't taste like coconut at all. I just use those as suggested.

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