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Starting 2/18


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Sorry I only just saw your post! I am still figuring out how to use this blog and how to tell if someone has responded! No this is my first try at this. I have been more or less paleo since the beginning of the year and started learning more about being Paleo about 6 months ago, so we've been building slowly. How about you? We're on day 8 and while some things are getting easier, some things are getting harder too! I think mostly I have a hard time when I remember that there are foods I am giving up for good, not just for 30 days. If it was just for 30 days it would be easy. But then I make the mistake of watching the food network and see a great ravioli they make and I just want to eat a big bowl of it :) Hope you are doing well with the program and are enjoying it! How have things been going for you? Keep up the good work!

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