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WHole30 Done!


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So, I finished my Whole30 on Sunday and I'm just getting around to posting my results.


My diet was pretty clean before I started my 30 days. I was concerned about giving up wine and Diet Coke for 30 days, but both of those things ended up not really being too hard. I think I had a Diet Coke hangover on day 3, but other than that my transition was pretty smooth.


It took me about a week to get my workouts back up to their regular performance level, but now they as good or better than before I started my Whole30. That transition was probably the hardest part. Many thanks to the moderators for their help in responding to my posts and the post of others about this topic. It really helped.


Around day 8 my energy level really took off I felt pretty good most of the rest of the 30 days. The 2-3 days I didn't I could usually trace it back to bad sleep or a mistake in following the meal template.


My acne was much more under control and my skin looked amazing this month. I wasn't able to give up my normal Dr. prescribed regimen, but I didn't have any breakouts even with the meds, which never happens.


I lost almost 9 lbs., which is a lot for me (I am halfway through an 80 lb. weight loss journey) and this took me to the 40 lb. loss milestone. I was amazed that I was able to do this without tracking one meal or counting one calorie. I also love that I am not longer hungry every 2-3 hours and often have to remind myself to eat during day. I have no cravings for sugar/desserts and I do not snack. I can't even describe to people how freeing this is.


My husband and I did not do our first reinro meal very well. We planned on wine, but ended up having dairy and soy (I think) in the same meal. That would have been fine, but I had joint pain in the middle of the night and now will have to try each of those items separately.


The biggest win is that my husband became a fan, and we are continuing to be a predominantly Whole30 household. I am not bringing back diet coke, dairy, or soy. I only plan to have sugar or grains only when it is really worth it.


So glad we did this!

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