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I don't know where to start!!!

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Hi everyone,

My name is kim. I'm almost 30 and I want to be healthy. I have ibs, wheat intollerance and I'm also extremely sensitive to dairy. I have a husband who has a gut of steal and hates the fact that I'm about to stock the cupboards with healthy alternatives to his usual pie, peas, chips and gravy. I have 6 amazing children 2 of whom are coeliacs, 3 are dairy allergic and one is also allergic to most chemicals found in your everyday bathing/ cleaning products.

We are all tired, and generally unfit and I want this to end.

Don't get me wrong, we eat what the health professionals have told us for years is healthy, we limit sugar and processed food and only have a blow out day once a week but the fact that I'm on here shows that I am wise to the fact that this is not healthy at all.

Also I think I'm pregnant. I really want to continue nursing my baby who is only 7 months, she has just begun weaning and I believe dH and I have conceived again in the last few weeks as I have ovulated following my baby girls reducing her nursing.

Can anyone give me a heads up for starting the whole 30 when I am potentially pregnant and still nursing a 7 month old.

I have read it starts with food so I know that this is what I want to do, not just for me but for all of us.


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Because you're pregnant/BFing, don't go with just 3 meals per day. It won't be enough for you. When you are legitimately hungry, eat a mini-meal by the template - protein, fat, veggies. You need the calories for breastfeeding and for the baby you might be growing right now.


Starchy carbs are your friend. Sweet potatoes, carrots, any squashes, all root veggies, etc. Also - maybe you could make compliant similar meals that your hubby will miss. Instead of pie, make shepherd's pie with parsnip or cauliflower mash to top it off. That way you both can be happy. Oh, and if you put enough small chopped veggies in the mix, he probably won't notice the lack of peas.

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