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Yummy Meatloaf Leftover Use


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Hi everyone!

I made a delicious meat loaf from PaleOMG that can be found here. It yields two loaves of meatloaf!!!!

I had the intent of making both loaves for myself & using the leftovers for myself. However, still living at home with your parents & brother makes that a little tricky. They ate the remainder of the first loaf & I cut up & refrigerated the second loaf... still tons of meatloaf left over!

My point in all this is that if you cut up two slices (or however many desired) into chunks & add it to a breakfast skillet of eggs & your veggies, it actually tastes better the second time around! I even continued to break the chunks up even more in the skillet during cooking.I also think because meatloaf starts as ground meat, this actually mimics breakfast sausage. We all know how hard it is to find sausage that doesn't have added sugars & non-Paleo-friendly ingredients.

It was delicious & with two eggs and the veggies, it was a huge portion that filled the whole dinner (err... breakfast?) plate. I imagine any meatloaf would work great like this.I am now a huge fan of meatloaf!

Happy Eating!

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Sounds great! I really enjoy a good meatloaf but somehow I think it's too much of a comfort food for me. I can eat far more meatloaf than I ever would steak or a plain burger. Strange, huh?

I made meatloaf "muffins" before for my family. It upped the cool factor for the kids and they loved it. They also love Paleo meatballs that I roll up in balls and bake in muffin pans. Fun food just tastes better!

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