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Going for a second whole 30


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My husband and I finished our first whole 30 a week ago.  We planned it to end the day we went on vacation.  We went on vacation last week and halfway through, I started thinking about doing another whole 30.


I didn't eat terribly, but I definitely fell off the wagon  :rolleyes: My brain fog came back, I was yawning a lot, felt lethargic and one night I had the worst stomach ache.  My husband was helpful in pointing out that I did it to myself.  Towards the end of the vacation, I was already thinking about getting back on another whole 30.  I feel like the first 30 days weren't long enough to solidify all the healthier habits that were starting to form.  Some of them were easy to change, but others will take longer.


So with that said...I'm going to start another.


Got up this morning, started making some grassfed beef broth from bones and then worked on a shopping list for tomorrow's cookup.  I'm looking forward to feeling like I did before vacation and getting my energy back!  Hoping it will only take a few days to start feeling better!



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