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Jen's Whole30 Log

Jen Brandon

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Yesterday was Day#1! 


I have a great support system as my husband, mom, and brother and sister-in-law-to-be are all doing the Whole30 as well!


We're excited! 


As a pescatarian I'm a little concerned about getting the results I'd like to see since I have more limited options, but I'm all in! Here we go!


The hubby and I made some grocery lists, and he shopped when I was teaching. I came home to a cleaned out refrigerator and freezer (because he's just amazing like that!) and we cooked up some beet greens and cauliflower (that my mom had sent us) with scrambled eggs.


Not a huge change from my regular diet yet. I think the biggest changes will certainly be no sprouted flour english muffins, and no honey or maple syrup and cream in my tea.


I'm still looking for the portion recommendations and guidelines. Perhaps it's right in front of me, but I can't seem to find any instructions beyond the shopping list, and the Do's and Don'ts.  


I'd like to keep track of how I feel during the Whole30 challenge, in the event I do it again, that way I can look back and see how I felt when, and what to expect. I can also keep track if I have any positive or adverse reactions to trying new food combos. 


I'm excited! Day #2 and so far so good!


Heading back to paint. 

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Well, Day #2 went down without a hitch! 

Just made a really yummy dinner and just customized this recipe a little < http://www.wholelifeeating.com/2013/05/dover-sole-poached-in-marinara-sauce-with-yellow-bell-pepper-green-olives-and-sweet-yellow-onion/ > by adding Kale and didn't have the olives. Also added some shallots and wild capers (since we didn't have the olives). Now I can't seem to find if Wild Capers are allowed. :/ Hmm…

I sliced up a sweet potato and cooked it in coconut oil with a single date Vitamix-chopped. Added some clarified butter on top when plated. 


Hubby had to deal with a few more temptations throughout the day as the work kitchen was filled with donuts and brownies (which I find ironic since they're doing some sort of weight loss competition.) But he came out successful.


I removed our toaster oven and replaced it with the crock pot, removing any temptation of toasting an English Muffin for myself in the morning. Better not to even think of it!


Right before dinner I felt good, but a bit light-headed. After dinner feeling quite tired and still light-headed.


Mint tea and painting to wrap up the evening. 

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Oh! And I also took out a couple eggs and lemon this afternoon so I can make homemade (Whole30 acceptable!) mayo!

The ingredients MUST be room temp. So using the fresh eggs from my parents, I can put that together tonight, and use with tuna tomorrow.


I think tuna salad in mini pepper boats is a good idea for lunch tomorrow. 


This recipe looks helpful for the mayo… http://www.theclothesmakethegirl.com/2010/06/03/the-secret-to-homemade-mayo-patience/


Though, I thought we were only to use Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, and she calls for a lighter Olive oil. Going to give it a try with the Extra-Virgin Olive Oil unless I hear otherwise.

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Day #3


Today was great. I feel great, and good energy, and had an awesome painting day!

For breakfast, I had two eggs fried in coconut oil, with tomatoes.


Lunch was pretty amazing… I heated up the Cod my mom sent me, and sautéd onion and shallots with garlic powder and paprika, salt and pepper, and threw in mushrooms, kale, and beet greens. Cut up a half of an avocado with paprika and salt and pepper and a little olive oil. Dessert was delicious blueberries and english breakfast tea!

Somehow after lunch I was still hungry, so I had a little sprouted almond nut butter (simply almonds) with coconut butter with my tea. That did the trick and I wasn't hungry until dinner.



Dinner, was a sautéed mushroom, shallots, onions, and beet greens and kale, egg scramble. Coconut oil, paprika, salt, pepper, and Jared had sausage from our local organic farmer and enjoyed a date. 


I feel completely satisfied, and will now enjoy some mint tea and do some sketching. Hurray for Day#3!

(Three weeks from today we get our new Dane puppy! So, one excited camper


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How's everybody doing on their Whole foods change? Jared and I are LOVING it! We really haven't found it to be too difficult so far. Here's what we've found.

1.) I really don't mind cooking, in fact I'm really quite enjoying it. 
2.) I still hate shopping, but Jared likes it. I'm happy to come up with (or coordinate) the grocery list and he's happy to shop.
3.) We run the dishwasher daily.
4.) We've enjoyed our time together creating dinner together, and at night cook some food for his lunch in the morning. 
5.) It's easiest to have his lunch all ready to go for the next day.
6.) It's VERY important to keep the refrigerator and freezer stocked with a variety of foods we can and plan to eat.

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