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Cold Brew Tea Bags?


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I've done that with just regular tea bags. The flavor isn't as strong as if you brew it, but you do still get the flavor. You can also cold brew large batches of tea with regular tea bags, and then pour it into your water bottle -- the advantage to doing that and letting them steep overnight is that the flavor would be stronger than what you'll get just putting a tea bag or two into your water bottle, when it won't have time to really infuse the water completely. You don't need any special tea bags, although I know several brands sell tea bags branded just for cold brewing.


(And I'm sure you know this, but whatever tea you buy, watch for non-compliant ingredients. Day 2 of my first W30, I found out that the tea I drank had soy lecithin in it, so watch for that, and some flavored teas apparently have stevia in them, also non compliant.)

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