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Whole 30 (or 40) for Lent


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Made it through yesterday with no nuts!  I still snacked though . . . I think my lunch, while yummy, was too small.


Day 6 of Restart (Day 10 since original start)


Friday, so no meat


Breakfast:  two eggs scrambled w/onions in coconut oil, baked sweet potato w/coconut flakes, coffee w/coconut milk (lots of coconut!)

Lunch:  tuna salad (made my own mayo -- so proud!) over greens

Snack:  apple w/almond butter

Dinner:  cod w/roasted veggies

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Just wanted to add that this is the first day I am NOT starving at 3:30 pm.  Not saying I'll make it until our usual dinner at 8 pm but this is a definite improvement.  What did I do differently?  Honestly, I'm not really sure.  I had more carbs at breakfast today with my sweet potato and then more fat at lunch time, but I think the protein and veggies stayed about the same for both.  Thoughts??

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Just wanted to add that this is the first day I am NOT starving at 3:30 pm.  Not saying I'll make it until our usual dinner at 8 pm but this is a definite improvement.  What did I do differently?  Honestly, I'm not really sure.  I had more carbs at breakfast today with my sweet potato and then more fat at lunch time, but I think the protein and veggies stayed about the same for both.  Thoughts??


Both changes likely helped. Having your meal 1 include carbs is a good energy boost for the day, along with having a decent amount of fat at each meal. Keep doing what works for you!

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I'm still feeling great about eating this way.  The only "symptom" I've had is the fatigue, which is great.  I love to cook and I'm loving all the experimentation.  SO excited about making mayo yesterday and last night I used ghee for the first time.  Where has it been all my life?  I'm lactose intolerant and I've just been using butter when it was called for in a recipe.  This is so much better!


Day 7 of Restart (Day 11 since original start)


Breakfast:  three eggs scrambled w/onions in ghee, eggplant slices, coffee w/coconut milk

Lunch:  leftover tuna salad from yesterday over greens

Dinner:  hosting a BBQ, I did the shopping so the food is compliant.  I basically bought compliant stuff with some non-compliant stuff for the others so I'll have veggies w/guac and they have some tortilla chips too.  I'll have a burger (no bun, they'll have buns) and sides like roasted squash, asparagus,etc.  I bought some pasta salad for our guests.  I'll avoid the dessert and alcohol of course!


Hoping I can get through the day without snacking.  We're having an earlier dinner so it should work.

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Day 8 of Restart (Day 12 since original start)


I survived my BBQ.  MUCH easier than I expected.  People drank beer instead of wine and I don't care for beer so I wasn't wishing I could have alcohol.  The rolls/chips/dessert were not at all a temptation for me and we had plenty of compliant food.  I do feel like I ate a little too much -- easy to do in a social situation like that with lots of food.  But live and learn, at least I stayed on track!


It's funny, I haven't had any tummy issues since starting the Whole 30 and I'm now realizing that I had just gotten used to having them all the time.  Not having them is WONDERFUL!  


Breakfast:  three eggs w/guacamole, coffee w/coconut milk

Lunch:  leftover cabbage/beet salad, leftover burger w/lettuce and tomato, some carrots w/guacamole

Snack:  mixed nuts

Dinner:  leftover chili, salad or veggies


So I made it three days with no nuts and two days with no snacks and then caved today . . . 

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Day 9 of Restart (Day 13 Since Original Start)


I'm still feeling good, although I've had a cold for several days.  At first I thought it was allergies because I started getting very congested about a week ago but my kids are sick and I'm pretty sure it's a full-blown cold.


Breakfast:  three eggs cooked in ghee w/guacamole, sausage, coffee w/almond milk (this is probably too much protein, too little veggies -- still working on the portions!)

Lunch:  leftover chili

Dinner:  peppers w/baba ganoush, salmon w/dill mayo sauce, asparagus


Update: got to the store, bought plenty of eggs!

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So I did something right with my food choices again.  I had a high-protein breakfast with my three eggs and sausage but it kept me plenty full until noon (four hours after eating).  Then I had chili for lunch and didn't have time to eat anything else but that kept full for five hours until 5 pm.  Yay!  So no official snacking though at five I had some veggies because I still have a little while until I eat with my husband.  But so proud.  Either my body is changing or my diet is working but I'm thrilled not to be hungry all the time.  Yay for Day 9!

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Day 10 Since Restart (Day 14 Since Original Start)


I know today is supposed to be one of the hardest days according to the timeline but so far so good. I did dream that I was eating pancakes and realized halfway through that I had messed up my Whole 30.  I was very thankful to wake up and realize it was only a dream!  I still have a nasty cold and very sore throat so that is my biggest challenge for today.  Also, I had no fruit or starchy veggies yesterday -- it wasn't purposeful, but are they necessary?  Should I make sure to eat them?


Breakfast:  sausage/egg/spinach frittata, coffee w/almond milk

Snack (my lunch was pushed back due to work so I had some cashews around 11:30 am)

Lunch:  leftover salmon w/dill mayo, large salad, apple

Snack:  few olives at an afternoon event I attended

Dinner:  slower cooker Italian pork roast, roasted butternut squash, roasted broccoli and cauliflower

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Day 11 Since Restart (Day 15 Since Original Start)


I'm still battling this brutal cold (tons of congestion, sore throat, maybe even a slight fever) so I feel terrible but I think it's entirely non-diet related.  I got a stomachache last night after dinner for the first time since starting the Whole 30.  Not sure why, I didn't have anything I haven't had before.  It wasn't stomach cramping, just an ache.  


Today I'm home from work with my sick self and sick kid.  Didn't feel hungry first thing in the morning as I usually do.  Again not sure why.


Breakfast:  three eggs scrambled w/ghee and portabello mushroom, coffee w/almond and coconut milk (I mix them!

Lunch:  leftover pork roast w/butternut squash, salad w/apple, few cashews

Dinner:  I had chicken ready to go but I forgot my husband has a work event so instead I have more of the leftover pork cooked with diced tomatoes over spaghetti squash (yum!)

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Day 12 Since Restart (Day 16 Since Original Start)


So I'm having a really rough day.  I'm still sick and feeling awful and there's just a bunch of stuff going on at work and home.  One of those "nothing is going my way" kind of days.  


Breakfast:  egg/sausage/spinach frittata, 1/2 avocado, coffee w/coconut milk/almond milk

Lunch:  large salad w/chicken

Snack:  cashews

Dinner:  leftover pork and vegetables

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Day 13 Since Restart (Day 17 Since Original Start)


Still have my cold but it is finally getting a bit better.  Hard to gauge my energy levels when I'm sick!  No meat today . . . 


Breakfast:  sweet potato w/ghee and coconut flakes, 1/2 avocado, coffee w/almond/coconut milk

Lunch:  homemade tuna salad w/tuna, mayo, and celery over greens

Snack:  almonds

Dinner:  baked cod w/tomatoes and olives, salad w/greens, carrots, and apples

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So reviewing my menus.  Day 6 of the restart was the first day I wasn't hungry for a mid-afternoon snack.  I still had a "snack" but it was around 5 pm since I eat lunch at noon and dinner at 8 or 8:30 pm most nights (this is due to my husband's schedule).  Then a nut snack on Day 8, a very small snack of a few olives on Day 10, and then ok until Day 12 and 13 when I was starving and had nuts again.  I'm going to do two things.  1)  get snack options that are not nuts.  I love them but they are too calorie-dense and easy to overeat and 2) work on bulking up my breakfasts and lunches.  Clearly I CAN have days without snacks, but not everyday is working out that way for me.

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Day 14 Since Restart (Day 18 Since Original Start)


So I was kind of taking stock of things today.  The Good:  my tummy troubles are gone and my stomach is very flat  The Bad:  I'm not noticing any real increase in energy (maybe my cold is masking this), my clothes are not fitting any differently and my fear is that I'm not losing any weight (I know weight loss is not what the Whole 30 is all about but I'd really like to lose 10 pounds).  So I'm not about to give up, but I'm feeling somewhat down about all of this.


Cold is getting better but I'm tired because my kids got up extra early.


Breakfast:  leftover egg/sausage/spinach frittata, sweet potato w/ghee and coconut flakes, coffee w/almond milk

Lunch:  I'm going to a late brunch event where there is a buffet.  I called to ask about ingredients and instead they are making me a special dairy-free, gluten-free meal.  I have no idea what that will be, but I've had a big enough breakfast that if it isn't compliant I'll be ok without eating.  Update:  so they screwed up my meal and I had coffee with coconut milk (brought my own), berries, and a couple pieces of pork sausage.  Best I could do!

Dinner:  buffalo moussaka, more veggies

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Day 15


I had a fabulous day yesterday where I was so proud of myself for not snacking, not eating nuts, and surviving a brunch out . . . then I happened to realize that my spray olive oil has soy lecithin in it and I completely broke down.  I have used it a few times on the Whole 30 to spray the bottom of pans when I bake but I can't remember the last time I used it with certainty.  Soy requires a restart and I was so upset that I could hardly sleep, yelled at my kids, and still feel just absolutely awful.  My vacation starts in just over three weeks and I planned to reintro by then.  Right now my plan is to keep going, reintro as planned, but not reintro soy/legumes.  My other option is to just throw in the towel completely.  I've come so far, having one restart already and making it halfway through that I don't want to give up or start completely over.  


What really upsets me, in addition to the totally accidental eating of soy lecithin, is that I couldn't care less if I never ate soy again.  The only time I think it's an issue for me is eating Asian foods, which I do enjoy on occasion.  But otherwise I could never have it again.  Yet it shows up secretly in my foods!  I am so frustrated.  


Breakfast:  three eggs cooked w/broccoli, sweet potato w/ghee and coconut flakes, coffee w/almond milk

Lunch:  leftover buffalo moussaka, two clementines

Dinner:  leftover pork, salad w/homemade dressing

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Day 16


I'm recovering from my Whole 30 breakdown yesterday and picking myself back up.  I have had to remind myself that accidentally ingesting some soy lecithin does not make me a bad person or mean that I'm a failure.  It may compromise my Whole 30 but that's okay, it's a learning process.  Next time I do a Whole 30 I'll do it correctly.  I am still sure that I'll get lots of benefits out of this one and I'm waiting an extra week or two to reintro soy/legumes


I did well with my meals today.  Yes, I had nuts, but I hadn't had any in three days so I think a few times a week is okay and while I kind of had a snack at 5 pm, I am making it 4-5 hours between meals.  If only I could eat dinner earlier!


8 am:  three scrambled eggs, sweet potato w/ghee and coconut flakes, coffee w/almond milk

12 pm:  leftover moussaka

5 pm:  apple w/almond butter

8 pm:  Moroccan meatballs, salad

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Day 17


I'm still battling this cold which I fear has turned into a sinus infection.  My sinuses are super congested and I have a constant headache.  Fun!


Breakfast:  pork/egg/spinach frittata, sweet potato w/ghee and coconut flakes, coffee w/almond milk

Lunch:  leftover moussaka, few olives

Dinner:  leftover Moroccan meatballs, carrots

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Day 18


So my cold has progressed to a sinus infection and I'm now on antibiotics.  This is rough!  I'm basically just getting by each day -- staying compliant but it's impossible to judge how I'm feeling eating this way when I'm feeling so terrible from my cold/sinus infection.  


Breakfast:  pork/egg/spinach frittata, sweet potato w/ghee and coconut flakes, coffee w/almond and coconut milk

Lunch:  salad w/tomatoes and walnuts, salmon w/tomatoes and fennel, berries, iced tea (from work luncheon -- talked to the caterer beforehand about what I could eat)

Snack:  almonds (ate WAY too many of these, think I didn't get enough salmon at lunch so I was protein-light)

Dinner:  veggies w/guacamole, sliders w/no buns, shredded duck (from work event)

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Day 20


I missed the forum yesterday!  I had a very good eating day after a not-so-good Day 18 (too many nuts).  I think nuts tend to be a snack I reach for when I want something easy and they are SO easy to overeat so I really need to cut them out entirely.  


Breakfast:  three eggs w/spinach and sun-dried tomatoes, sweet potato w/ghee and coconut flakes, coffee w/almond milk

Lunch:  homemade tuna salad over greens

Dinner:  baked cod, salad, prunes


Day 19


Breakfast:  three eggs, sweet potato w/ghee and coconut flakes, coffee w/almond milk

Lunch:  leftover Moroccan meatballs

Dinner:  chicken wrapped in bacon, large salad w/apple and roasted butternut squash, few nuts

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So my CSA box arrived yesterday with parsnips and radishes.  What am I going to do with these??!!  I still have beets and cabbage left over from last week.  Better get some new recipes ASAP!  I also have a ton of Yukon gold potatoes that I know I can't have.  How long will they keep?


So my snacking is definitely improving, as in, I haven't done it in two days!  And I'm also trying to stop eating nuts altogether because I have a tendency to overeat them due to convenience.  I think having a really big breakfast is the key to my not snacking.  Also, if I don't snack I need to eat at 6 pm and we usually don't have dinner until 8 pm so that's a challenge.


Day 21


Breakfast:  two sunny-side-up eggs over roasted portobello mushrooms, small (seriously it is the smallest sweet potato I've ever seen!) w/ghee, coffee w/almond milk

Lunch:  leftover bacon-wrapped chicken, large salad

Dinner:  Thai beef w/basil

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So my cold is finally going away.  I'm really hoping I can experience some of this increased energy soon -- I think my cold has really been holding me back.  Probably doesn't help having an infant and a toddler though!


I'm doing really well with my no snacking.  SO proud of myself!  I did find myself hungry at 11:30 am today despite a big breakfast.  Thinking maybe the problem was that I didn't add any fat?  I usually put ghee on a sweet potato and today I had some butternut squash cooked with coconut oil but no added fat on top of that.  I never would have thought added fat made so much of a difference.  


Day 22


Breakfast:  three eggs w/sundried tomatoes, roasted butternut squash w/cinnamon, coffee w/almond milk

Lunch:  leftover Moroccan meatballs and spaghetti squash (these were good but getting a little sick of them!)

Dinner: grilled sausages w/carrot/parsnip puree and a salad w/radishes and a few almond slivers

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Went to our organic market and found all sorts of goodies -- sunbutter, kombucha (never tried it!), gluten-free oats (for reintro), unsweetened dried cherries (for salads), and a multi-vitamin without soy.  I know there is some controversy about multis -- I am still nursing my son once a day so I like having it but my other one I had soy so I was on the lookout for a new one and couldn't find it.  I also somehow found compliant chicken broth -- thank goodness!  I noticed the market has lots of soy-free chocolate so that's good to know for the future!


I think I would be having more energy today if my older son hadn't come into my bed in the middle of the night and then woken me up early -- I think I got almost seven hours of sleep last night.  Not enough for me.


Day 23


Breakfast:  three eggs w/sundried tomatoes, coffee w/almond/coconut milk

Lunch:  sweet potato w/ghee and coconut flakes, veggies and guac (I meant to have the sweet potato w/breakfast but fan out of time . . . may need to add some protein to this lunch!)

Dinner:  baked salmon, pureed parsnips and carrots (these are SO good), salad

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So few thoughts for the day . . . first, I have GOT to go to bed earlier.  I went to bed around 11:30 pm last night and was up at 6:45 am with the kids, which is just not enough sleep.  Maybe the reason I'm still not feeling a surge of energy is that I'm not sleeping enough and it's my own fault!  Second, I think I could cut back on my caffeine because it's much more of a habit than a necessity.  I always have 1-2 cups of coffee in the morning and on weekends that is all I have.  At work I have black tea in the afternoon but I don't really think I need the caffeine (I used to, but I think the Whole 30 has changed that).  So . . . I brought some rooibos to work today so I have something without caffeine to satisfy the craving.


Day 24


Breakfast:  egg/red pepper/bacon frittata, sweet potato w/ghee and coconut flakes, coffee w/coconut/almond milk

Lunch:  I have go to out, so I'm going to do a salad from Chop't -- no cheese and just oil and vinegar

Dinner:  grilled chicken breasts, salad

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Hi - You're doing great!  Sleep is so important, but also very hard with young kids.  Just do your best. 


I'm so jealous that you have a CSA already!  We're still in deep freeze and mine won't start until June.  All of the veg you mentioned would be awesome roasted with coconut oil and salt and pepper.  You could do a huge roast and then eat them on salads or as sides all week.  Yum!


If you keep the potatoes in a dark cool dry place, they should keep for a while.  Just keep an eye on them and if you notice one starting to turn, maybe cook them all up and freeze them? 

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Got starving immediately after lunch (guess my salad was too small/not enough protein/fat?) so had some almond butter.  Had too much and now feel yucky.  Good thing is that the almond butter is now gone and nuts are out of my life!

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So the upside to my overindulgence in almond butter was that I was not hungry at all during the afternoon.  Gotta think positive!  I also skipped the black tea and was fine as I suspected would be the case.  I am feeling a little more tired today -- I went to bed on time last night (11 pm) but then woke up from a dream at 6:30 am, which is earlier than usual.  Feeling a little sleepy.


Day 25


Breakfast:  egg/red pepper/bacon frittata, roasted butternut squash w/coconut flakes, mixed fruit, coffee w/almond/coconut milk

Lunch:  crock pot pork loin w/onions and sweet potatoes, mixed fruit

Dinner:  baked tilapia, jicama salad (bought these at Whole Foods), carrots w/baba ganoush, prunes

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