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Erin's Second First Whole 30 [Take 2]


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I'm back!

I successfully completed a Whole20 last month but was plagued by constipation, stomach pain & bloating in weeks 2 & 3.

I ended up in the ER on day 21 and my blood sugar dropped so low that I was injected with a huge syringe of glucogen, fed a sandwich and juice... Plus 2 days of hospital food.. There goes my Whole30 :(

Emergency surgery Monday morning for a burst ovarian cyst with a half cup of blood in my abdomen, a week of comfort foods at mums and now back home and ready to start again tomorrow.

Here's to a better Whole30 second time around! I really was on struggle street those last couple of weeks feeling lousy but hopefully that was just my medical issues.

What have I already learnt for this time around?

- have bought natural calm & digestive enzymes

- will include a carb dense vegetable with all meals where I can

- will monitor protein portions as I think I was over doing it affecting weight loss

- will take measurements this time (but conscious of belly due to post op swelling)

- no stressing about what I'm eating or over analysing myself in the mirror, compulsive squishing, is my stomach flatter today!?! or weighing until the end. I'm going to hide the scales and move my mirror to the living area

- stop obsessively scouring for success stories and before and afters and expecting the exact same of my body

Plus this time I will get to exercise! Last time I was on rest due to an internal oblique tear.

Last meal of Pad Thai tonight!

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Day 1


With a bit of a delay to my start, here I am Day 1.


I'm not as motivated or empowered as first time round, this is tough. I'm concerned about sticking it out this time.

I think because I had such a tough time all the way up to day 20 with no results, feeling crappy, fatigue etc. I'm not sure this is for me. I've lost faith in the Whole30.


How do I feel today?


- Worst nights sleep of my life last night, tossing and turning until at least 2.00am

- I've put back on any weight I lost first time around and I'm back to 63.5kg

- I have a sore belly and bloating.. but I'm not sure how much of this is post surgery. Likely the majority of it.

- I am not looking forward to food prep. Something that I actually enjoyed in the first round. I'm not sure what's going on.


I am dragging myself kicking and screaming into round 2.



3 eggs

Kale pan fried in coconut oil

Half an avocado





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I'm just wondering - is this the right time for you to give this a go again?  Would it make sense to allow yourself to have a full recovery from your surgery, give yourself the self-care you need, and re-consider a Whole30 when you're ready?

It concerns me that you're "kicking and screaming" your way into this now - gives me a sign that now may not be optimum?

You decide what's best for you.

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Chris - thanks for that. You may be right.. but I don't want to slide any further back down the slope of non-compliance.


I need to seriously make some changes and quickly, I've got a big competition in about 9 weeks and I'm running out of time.


Having said that.. a thought springs to mind.. maybe it doesn't need to be all or nothing for me. Maybe I don't need to call it a Whole30 right now.. and just eat mostly paleo.. give it a couple of weeks and do another Whole30 then.


I will think on this today and report back :)


Thanks for being there!

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I'm back!!!! Back for 30 days.. my Whole30 April. Perfectly timed because I fly from Australia to France on May 1st :)


I'm ready, committed and excited :)


I am abiding by the plan but with one caveat, I will be weighing myself. The anxiety I get from not weighing myself is going to undo all the good benefits from the changes I am implementing in my life.


Once I have everything else under control, I will address my obsession with the scale. I know I'll cop it for this. But this is right for me, right now. With a promise that in the future I will do another Whole30 sans scales!


Day 1



Now Super Enzyme (bleh!)

3 scrambled eggs with salt

Handful of carrot sticks, handful of capsicum, handful of celery

Closed handful of cashews



Now Super Enzyme

1 can John West Salmon Tempters - Olive Oil Blend

Handful of carrot sticks, handful of capsicum, handful of celery

Open handful of kalamata olives

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Absolutely Tina! No matter what I weigh I'm going to continue on.

It's NOT about the number and I know that I may not have the same results as others in 30 days but I've got to keep at it for my health and well being.


Good for you! You can do it. I just have one suggestion, no matter what you weigh continue on your whole30. Some days you may gain some days you may lose just remember it is not about the number. Good Luck!

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