Accidentally melted my coconut oil


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Yesterday I did a cook up of lots of different ingredients.  At some point I left my coconut oil on the counter apparently too close to my stove.  When I went to put it away it was completely melted.  I immediately moved it to the opposite side of the kitchen and it did re-harden but my worry is that I damaged it.  Is it safe to use or do I need to toss it and buy more?

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Thank goodness for this thread! I've never used coconut oil until doing a whole 30 (on day 11 right now - yay!)

When I bought my coconut oil a few weeks ago it was a liquid in the jar. A few days ago it started forming little clumps which was slightly concerning, then yesterday morning I come into the kitchen and it's a solid! Then went grocery shopping and I noticed the jars on the shelf were now solid too.

Now you've helped me to understand it's the temp. We've had high heat these past few weeks but its cooling down... Phew - thought I had a bad batch of coconut oil! :)

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