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Dorot garlic/herb cubes


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I strongly suspect the answer is no, but I have a bunch of frozen garlic/herb cubes that making cooking so much easier. I checked the ingredients today and noticed one of the ingredients is soybean oil! Each cube  is only about 1 tsp each, and probably 99% garlic (or whatever herb it may be), 0.5% salt/lemon juice and perhaps 0.5% soybean oil... so yes, it's a minuscule amount. Despite this, I still feel it violates the rules. Am I correct? If so, do you think it has greatly affected my Whole30 results thus far if I've only used them in 3 dishes--and only eaten about 1/5 of those dishes--in the past 7 days?


Thanks so much in advance for your help!


edit: for a better idea of what they look like, see the link below


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