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Kvan's first whole30!


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I'm doing this whole 30 because I feel like I have been over-eating and under-nutrienting my body for months now. I am in a busy nursing school program and often resort to eating something quick and easy, and not always good for me. I think I'm guilty of stress eating as well.


As of now, I've finished out day 2 of my first whole 30. So far, I'm feeling pretty good but I expect I will have some hard times ahead. On day -1 I gorged myself with pizza. It made my stomach hurt so bad and it really made me think about how twisted my relationships with certain foods are if I choose to eat them until they hurt me like that. Day 1 I was still so full I didn't need a big breakfast.


Day 1

M1 - coffee blended with coconut oil (this trick is saving me from the dreaded black coffee!), banana, strawberries, cashews

M2 - 2 hard boiled eggs, handful of almonds/macadamia/cashew nuts, handful of snap peas

M3 - chicken breast, green beans, baked sweet potato, orange


Day 2

M1 - coffee + coconut oil, 2 scrambled eggs, chicken chorizo, 1/2 avocado

M2 - chef salad (greens, tomatoes, 1 HB egg, 1 piece bacon, broccoli slaw, homemade lemon-tahini dressing

snack - coconut cream larabar

M3 - salmon, green beans, sweet potato


My main exercise is a daily dog walk of 1-2 hours (lucky dog!). I also go to a high paced yoga class 4 days/week. I'm noticing that i am more thirsty than usual, but I'm okay with my body reminding me to drink more water. I had a snack on day 2 because I was headed to yoga and feeling hungry. I wished I had a piece of fruit on me instead, but the larabar hit the spot.


I'm grateful for these forum. I am doing this whole 30 on my own and it is nice to feel I have some support out there!

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Your dog is lucky!


Larabars are terrible snacks because they don't offer a well-rounded nutritional profile and keep sugar cravings alive. Pretend they do not exist and you will do better.


Being hungry between meals means you are not eating enough at meals. There are two good ways to deal with this problem. One is to eat bigger meals until you are comfortable not eating until your next meal. Another good way to manage is to add an extra meal. Although three meals per day is ideal, I ate 4 and 5 meals per day until I got the hang of composing meals with enough protein and fat to keep me satisfied 5-6 hours. 

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Thanks for the suggestion on increasing meal size. I think I just need to make sure my lunch is substantial. Today I did fine with 3 meals, no snacks. I feel horribly bloated, but otherwise feeling great!

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