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Hello! Thanks for clicking, thanks for reading. This will be my log of Whole30-goodness. I caught myself measuring macronutrients, so I thought this would be a better option. Please feel free to give me any feedback you can think of! I appreciate the input.


I started my first Whole30 yesterday. Well, yesterday turned into kind of a test day with all good food but then there was lemonade. We're doing Whole31 instead :)


I say "we" because I've got a couple people on board with me. I did a couple months of Paleo two summers ago and felt amazing. My mom did it with me at that point and had significant relief from her rheumatoid arthritis. We both fell out of it and back into awful eating for various reasons.


I can't remember how I stumbled upon Whole30, but I was convinced within the first two chapters of ISWF. My mother was immediately onboard. My grandmother insisted it would be impossible for her and there was no way she could do it. I told her to read to chapters; she read the entire book and joined us. My boyfriend (lives with me) is half on board because he thinks it will help his health, and half on board because he thinks he has to be for my sake (not true). He's still got it stuck in his head that "whole grains" are the holy grail of health and I can't seem to shake it from him. But whatever, he'll see soon enough!


I've already made some great recipes including meatballs and homemade sauce, paleo mayo, and sweet potato hash. My man made a great soup tonight, chirping from the kitchen, "Can I use this?" the entire time. I'm so proud :3


I managed to find purple yams today which I am SO excited about! Our little Asian market came through there; they also had six kinds of curry paste and a compliant fish sauce. I picked up some coconut aminos too from the only local grocery store that carries them.


Anyway, I could blabber on forever because I'm just so stoked. I've beene exhausted today, but I think the issue is mostly just an adjustment period/caffeine withdrawal.


Here's my food for the day. Please let me know what you think!




1/4 sweet potato hash w/ fried egg (using about 2 tbsp coconut oil)

1 medium orange

Tuna salad on romaine (about a can of tuna, homemade mayo, pickles, celery)

1 medium pickle

1 medium carrot

2 bowls homemade beef soup (stew meat, tons of veggies, compliant tomato paste, and water)

2ish cups Silk unsweetened almond milk (I bought this not realizing how easy it is to make your own. I'll be doing that once we're out! This stuff has sunflower lecithin.)


So how does that look? Not horrible, right? I'll be up for another hour and probably finish this second bowl of soup and have another carrot. I'm not having any serious craving yet--even while wandering through the noodle section at the Asian market.


Oh, one more thing. I know we don't track ratios per se, but the tracker I use does break down percentages. Over half of my calories are from fats. Is that okay or should I be taking in more protein?


Happy Whole30-ing!

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The amount of food you are eating sounds inadequate. The holy grail of doing a good Whole30 is adhering to the meal template: http://whole9life.com/book/ISWF-Meal-Planning-Template.pdf  Eat at least the minimum. 


Stop using your tracker. They make it challenging for you to follow the meal template properly and fills your head with worthless information. By the way, getting more than half your calories from fat is fine. Now stop tracking. We are very serious that tracking, weighing, and measuring is not okay during a Whole30. 

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Ah, thanks for the guidance! I was tracking so that I could look at any mood changes, engery changes, etc in regards to foods I'm eating. But I suppose I could do that just as easily using this forum. I've realized over the past two days (Days 3 & 4) that I'm not eating enough. I've got this constant "low blood sugar" feeling. I'll bring the meals up a notch. Thanks again :)




M1: None

M2: Chicken stir fry (about 1/2 pound of chicken, red & green bell pepper, cabbage, snow peas, onion, carrots, zuchinni)

Snack: Orange

M3: Chicken strip with almond flour, salad with 1/2 can of chicken salad (paleo mayo, pickle, onion), a few sweet potato fries


Notes: I am aware that yesterday was not a great day foodwise. Or healthwise at all. I only got about four hours of sleep. I had to roll out of bed and straight out the door (and was still late). I got home and made a giant stir fry (the best meal of the day). I was exhausted, took a nap, and had to get up and leave the house again so I grabbed an orange where I would normally drink an energy drink. I was "feeling-like-I-got-hit-with-a-tranq-dart" tired. Got home and made a giant dinner and ended up not eating very much of it before I felt physically stuffed. It was weird.


Oh, also, I'm totally aware of the SWYPO aspect of almond-flour baked chicken strips. I just don't feel that way about them personally. I've always preferred my own baked strips to anything else; that's the ideal in itself for me. Since SWYPO is a psychological approach which will differ per person, I didn't feel bad at all making that decision.




I was up at 1P and straight out of the house again. I had an orange around 4P so that I could ge through some school work that took a certain amount of mental presence.


M2: A piece of tilapia on a bed of cooked spinach with a cup of grapes

M3: Tried to eat a burger. Did eat a burger, I guess. Part of it. There was something wrong with the meat we had. A weird... metal... plastic... taste? I don't know, but it was unbearable. So I ate a few bites of that, some sauteed vegetables, and half a cantelope.


Goals for tomorrow & on...


My goal tonight is to get to bed by 2A and be up around 10P. I intend on a LARGE breakfast. I'm going to stop using my oranges and energy drinks :P I'm keep the meal template on my desktop so that its quick to access. By next week I want to start a simple workout routine, but I've got to get my energy and schedule stabilzed first.

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Alright! Day 5 has been the best day yet.


I still missed breakfast, but I refrained from snacking on fruit. I don't want to rely on it too much, although I'll continue to enjoy it with my meals.


M2: A giant plate of curry. This meal was a lot of fun. My beau decided to make a stir fry (which he always rocks) with cabbage, bell peppers, carrots, cauliflower, snow peas, onions, and chicken. At the last minute I asked him if he wanted to try one of the three curries I'd purchased earlier this week. The one we used was Mae Ploy Thai Green Curry (Ingredients: green chile, garlic, shallot, lemongrass, salt, galanga, shrimp paste, kaffir lime peel, coriander seed, pepper, cumin, turmeric). The directions say to stir dry in soybean oil--NOPE, I used coconot oil and then mixed it with whole fat, unsweetened coconut milk. A little of this stuff goes a long way cause it's incredibly spicy (in an awesome way). It's DELICIOUS.


My...ahem, system... seems to have finally regulated itself. TMI, maybe, but I just wanted to brag that majority of the bloat I've been carrying around for two years is GONE. I woke up late, but with a ton of energy. I felt happy and peppy which is so the opposite of what I usually am. Waiting to eat kind of killed it, but now that I've had some food it's comin' back.


Tonight we're going to a giant party... Where I can't drink :( I've been having a fairly easy time staying complient but tonight is going to be crazy difficult. To the point where I'm considering just staying home and missing out on the fun. I guess we'll see...

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So I totally "caved" and ended up drinking on Friday. It wasn't a spur of the moment decision, I decided I was either going to stay home, or go to the party and drink. I chose the latter because... well, because I wanted to :P


I'm not giving up on the Whole30 though! We didn't have any bad food, just bad drinks. We started over, so we're back at Day 2 now. Still having trouble eating in the morning/eating enough. I need to start pre-making breakfasts I think, but it's difficult when you live with a vacuum cleaner who you literally have to hide food from to keep it till the next day.


Kind of disappointed that I didn't choose the Whole30 over drinking, but I think it was worth it overall. I had a good time. And I'm proud that I'm back ont he wagon, two days strong again :)

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Good for you for starting over, this is a learning process. Maybe a little more planning will help you stick with it. You can do it!


If I could give you some advise, I think the fact that you are skipping breakfast is not helping you stick with the whole30. You really need to eat more.


You might want to hard boil a bunch of eggs. If your human vacuum will eat all of them then you will have to boil as you go. You can also make scotch eggs (from the clothes make the girl). Those are easy to grab on your way out the door and eat at work. 


Another thing I am doing is making some breakfast burgers and sausages and freezing them, then I cook them as needed. You could also cook and freeze and just grab one with some veggies in the morning. 


Have you checked out the clothes make the girl blog? She has a mocktail that she calls a Mediterranean Fizz. She takes sparkling water and adds lemon, lime and olives. This way she can be drinking with everyone else but also stay compliant. Not sure if that would work for you.

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