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Food poisoning?


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I'm on Day 10 of my whole 30 and I was doing great.  Yesterday I either cooked bad shrimp, mayo, or chopped chicken liver (yikes). I'm feeling rough and I poisoned my poor boy friend who agreed to go through this with me.  What should I be eating to get over this?  And does anyone have a magic solution to become a better/less dangerous cook?

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Sorry to hear your plight.  Learning how to cook will take a bit of time and experience.  Be patient with yourself.  Don't beat yourself up too much - shit happens even to the most experienced of all cooks. 


Now to work on getting on the mend.....


Ginger or Mint tea (or a combination of both) will help settle stomachs

Bone broth is a go to for me when I feel nauseous (I'm a migraine sufferer so nausea is pretty common)

Sweet potato, pumpkin, squash are all pretty easy on the stomach.


Feel better soon!

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