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Second time's a charm.


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I just finished my second w30 (first was Sept. 2013) and...I. Am. Terrified. Last time, I went on two vacations immediately after and never went back to this way of eating when I returned home. This time, I am determined this will not happen!


Results of this w30: 

-More energy. 

-Positive outlook (so much energy and positivity I literally have felt like dancing to songs playing on my Pandora as I walk down the street...so not like me (my nickname is Miss Curmudgeon)).

-More focused at work. 

-Lost 16 pounds

-Am about to complete a March fitness challenge at work 

-Stay awake later at night (which is a good thing - prew30, I would go to sleep around 8:30 p.m. although I didn't need to get up until 6:30 a.m.)


How anxious and cranky I am when not-whole 30ing is really not worth it. My plans for success this time around are to follow this and to keep reading the forums and to post here a bit to stay accountable.


Today, I do plan on introducing a little dairy in the form of a latte this a.m. and Parmesan cheese this p.m. - but I don't plan it it being a daily thing. I've toyed with the idea of letting myself have 2 lattes a week, but in reality, moderation isn't for me. Rules! I need them.


Here it goes... 

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So I've felt on the verge of a cold for a few days now, and today my sinuses feel painful. I did have dairy with two meals yesterday, so that could be it too. Will wait a few days and give dairy another go.

Oh, and that latte I've been dreaming about? Could not even finish it. Something about it was so unsatisfying.

Yesterday's meals

M1: eggs, carrots and 12 oz latte

Pre wo : chicken and almonds

M2 : leftover chili, asparagus and banana

M3: chicken, tomato sauce, spinach, snap peas and parmesan cheese


M1: eggs and snap peas

Pre wo: chicken and almonds

M2 : leftover chili, asparagus and kiwi

M3 : will be trout, sweet potato and asparagus (we are eating out, but I've already looked at the menu)

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Oh! And I forgot. Last night, my bf brought home a bag of Doritos as a "congratulations you're done present." I almost cried. He thought he was being so nice and kind! These are the ultimate food with no brakes for me.

I ended up calmly thanking him but asking him for no food surprises going forward (pre w30, he would bring home treats like kit kats). He took it very well and even put the chips on a high shelf that I can't reach. Of course, they're still in the house. This is going to be a huge willpower test for me. There's no way I can let them back in my life - I'd eat half a bag in one sitting! Hopefully he'll eat through them soon enough.

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Yesterday I didn't eat peer the meal template due to poor planning - no food in the house! Today I a have a lunch with family. Will stay away from grains, but won't worry about what's in things - this lunch qualifies as a special occasion.

Yesterday's meals

M1 : carrots

M2 : eggs and spinach

M3 : (restaurant) chicken breast and sweet potato

Today's meals

M1 : eggs and carrots

M2: will be at grandparents

M3 : will be chicken and spinach

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So Sunday with family turned out pretty good. My grandma couldn't remember if I was still on w30, so there were tons of vegetables and I avoided the bread and pasta.

Monday night, I thought I could have "just a few" chips, but that was not the case. I'm trying not to beat myself up about it - each meal is an opportunity to be better. I didn't have a physical reaction, but mentally was definitely feeling poor.

Mondays meals

M1: eggs and carrots

M2: chicken, spinach and tomato sauce

M3: pork chop, salsa, spinach and lots of chips

Tuesday's meals

M1 : eggs and spinach

M2: pork chop, salsa and kiwi

M3 : shrimp curry with sweet potato asparagus and broccoli


M1: eggs, spinach and kiwi

M2 : leftover curry

M3: will be well Fed's carnitas with snap peas and salsa

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So I have not posted on here as planned, but the month of April went really well post- second w30. Successfully managed family gatherings, kept the workout schedule I started during the w30, and started taking yoga classes...


Then, the last week of the month/first week of May hit. I had a panic attack so bad that it sent me to urgent care (what I believe to be panic attacks - doctors have been trying to diagnose for over a year - it is what sent me to my first w30 in September). And for the last two weeks, have been having these episodes every day. And every day have made the decision to drown my sorrows in food - and not the healthy kind. As one of the episodes happened in a yoga class, haven't taken one of those in over a week. Haven't worked out in two. I feel tired, sick and unable to concentrate.


So, yesterday I decided it is time. This morning I sit with my eggs and spinach for breakfast, a day's worth of w30 compliant food in the house and a grocery list for a week's worth of w30 compliant food in my purse. I don't have time to do a w30, but plan on doing 23 days compliant followed by 2 days off followed by 28 days compliant followed by 2 days off and then on July 9 to start a 3rd w30 if I feel it is necessary. 


Even if it doesn't stop the episodes, w30 eating makes me feel so much more focused, gives me so much more energy and makes me feel much more positive. 



M1: Eggs, spinach, decaf coffee

M2: will be compliant sausage, sweet potato, broccoli, banana

M3: will be chicken, avocado, spinach and salsa

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M1: Eggs, spinach

M2: compliant sausage, sweet potato, broccoli, banana 

M3: will be ground beef, tomato sauce, asparagus and zucchini


It is funny how as soon as I go back to "w30" mindset, my thoughts tend to circle around food, how I'm feeling and what positive changes can be made. This is a good thing - trying not to be bummed out that with these unsteady episodes I cannot workout or do yoga and frustrated with the un-diagnosis. Doctor's appointment next week - until then, am trying to focus my energy on the aspects I can control. Eating well is one choice I can make and follow-through on.  

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