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Breakfast timing question....

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I also posted this in the medical issues section even though it isn't really a medical question:




Sorry, I was unsure which section to post this in...my question is really more about the eating within an hour of waking thing, so it seemed like maybe it would fit here or in the meal planning section.  I'll start here I guess, lol.


So one of my many medical issues is insomnia.  I usually can fall asleep quickly enough if I go to bed at 8:00 pm.  I'll sleep fairly well until around midnight-1:00 a.m., then start waking frequently and sometimes just don't go back to sleep (like last night).  On a work day, I'll just get up at 3:00 a.m., on weekends, I try to stay in bed as long as possible, but usually not later than 5:00 a.m.  I actually do like getting up early, I would just like to get around 7 hours of sleep before I do.   :)


If I go to bed later than 8:00 it seems to take longer for me to fall asleep, and I still wake up at the same time, so over the years, I just stopped trying to fight it.  


I'm in menopause, so this just may be something I have to live with...it didn't seem to get better when I did my first Whole30 last August.


So, my question is...this morning I woke up at midnight and did not go back to sleep.  I laid in bed until 3:20 or so, then just got up and made breakfast.  So obviously I did NOT eat within an hour of waking.  Should I get up and eat a small something when I wake like that?  My hope was that I would fall back asleep but it didn't happen...I guess maybe at 1:00 I could have gotten up and had a small something but I was still hoping to go back to sleep.


Any thoughts?


As background, some of my other medical issues:


1.  Menopause (definitely in menopause)

2.  Gastroparesis (slow stomach emptying) -- one reason why I may not want to eat in the middle of the night.

3.  Celia Disease

4.  Mild dairy "allergy" (gives me sinus infections if I eat too much)

5.  History of pre-cancerous growth at the bile/pancreatic duct opening

6.  Allergies....all kinds



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I take it to mean within an hour of getting out of bed.  If I awake too early and lie in bed for an hour, my body is still very much at rest, even if my mind isn't, and I don't believe it has started to make the metabolic changes you would normally equate with getting up and kicking it into gear.

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Totally not helpful - but since the time change I've been having this problem too - I'm out of bed by 4:30 most days... in the last 3 weeks I think I've stayed in bed until 6 AM once.  I really don't want to eat at 5:30 AM - I usually come downstairs and just lay on the sofa and read to try and let my husband fall back to sleep for a bit.  I've been wondering the same thing!

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