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Dan's second Whole30

Dan McFall

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Day 1:

Well holy crap, if I had a theory that some bad habits had snuck back in since my April Whole30 today confirmed it. Stopped for coffee at Starbucks and I was shocked at much I really wanted to talk myself into a pastry for breakfast. SAme with the flatbread pizza a co-worker of mine ordered for lunch and offered to share. Not to mention passing up free drinks on my flight home today.

I was good today and I know it will get easier, but this just confirmed that the timing on my next Whole30 was appropriate.

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Day 2:

Breakfast - cup of shredded chicken, banana

Snack - 2 lara bars (I was really hungry before going to workout and didn't have an emergency protein and I will correct that)

Lunch - Roast Chicken Breast with carrots and onions on a bed of braised kale

Dinner - Not sure yet, probably a grass fed pork chop from The Spotted Trotter and some greens

Gotta brag on my workout a little ;)

Stronglifts 5x5 Day 29

Barbell Back Squat: 220 lbs 5x5 successful

Bench press: 145 lbs 5x5 successful

Bentover barbell row: 135 5x5 successful

Cannot wait to see how my performance on this program goes during a Whole30

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Some catch up here:

Day 3 was a bad day not due to any progression in the cycle, but due to poor preparation on my part. I had an eye doctor's appointment that morning and in classic Dan fashion I was running late. So I grabbed a banana and put some extra coconut milk in my coffee to tide me over until I could run by somewhere and get some eggs or something. I forgot one thing though and that was they were going to dilate my eyes. For some reason I have always reacted REALLY strongly to the medication and it makes me somewhat nauseous. Instead of chose to go into the office without breakfast and wait it out, but this left me feeling so terrible I ended up skipping lunch (only grabbing some fresh brocoli and carrots from a crudite tray at a lunch and learn I presented for). I finally got home and completely stuffed my face with fat and protein for dinner, but it took me until Saturday morning to feel regular again.

Day 4 was much better. Got up and had a workout first thing in the morning. I missed my 5x5 on the last rep of the last set for squats, but hey at least I was honest with myself and didn't count the craptacular half-arsed squat that I tried to squeeze in for the last rep.

Breakfast was my traditional Whole30 compliant smoothie, but I jammed it with more eggs and organic egg whites than usual for the protein. Lunch was black cherry and pork sausages from our local butcher with peppers, onions, and mushrooms. For those looking for condiments, believe it or not, but Gulden's Spicy Mustard is completely Whole30 compliant. The wife and I did a 9 PM dinner and movie date at a local movie house that provides both excellent, and Whole30 compliant, food offerings as well as great theaters (new Batman movie is the bomb.) As we were eating so late, we put in a 4th "meal" of homemade guacamole and cucucumber slices for dipping.

Dinner was burgers without buns and vegetables. I cheated a bit with sweet potatoe fries by not asking how they prepared them and my gut is telling me this morning that they probably were cooked in vegetable oil, so I might need to add a couple of days onto the end of my 30 depending on how I feel by them.

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Sounds like you are doing great but just need a tiny bit more prep/planning to get back in the groove. Congrats on the workouts! I'm on my second Whole30 too as my diet had really slipped over the summer. I am amazed how much more laid back I feel about this Whole30. It's so awesome to already know what you CAN have because you have done it before. I am sure you will get back in the groove with all your Whole30 staples before long. This go round I am keeping plenty of grab and go stuff like sausages and hot dogs in the freezer and just cooking on the fly during the week. It doesn't take long on Sunday to prep a dozen HB eggs, a couple lbs of chicken and brown some ground beef to give me a start for my meals for the week. I feel so relaxed about this Whole30 and I am finding so natural that I can finally see this becoming a permanent habit. :)

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Day 5:

This was a good day! I had a good breakfast with steak and eggs from a local farm to table diner. Ate a small lunch of some leftovers as we were meeting with the Atlanta Primal/Paleo meetup folks at a place called Yeah! Burger here in Atlanta that does quick and healthy meals. I had a grassfed beef patty covered in veggies with a fried egg and avocado with a green salad. It was great!

I also snuck in a good 1100M swim between lunch and eating out that was nice.

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