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Herbal tea


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My dad is doing the whole 30 but he pops cough drops like nobodys business. Instead of cough drops I found an herbal tea for throat health.


(All organic)

Licorice root

Slippery Elm bark

Licorice root dry aqueous extract

Marshmallow root

Wild cherry bark

Bitter fennel fruit

Saigon cinnamon bark

Sweet orange peel

Are all of these ingredients whole30 compliant? I couldn't find info on many of them. Thanks guys!

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I was witried bout the licorice root bc of the licorice plant being considered a legume and I had bever heard if some of the others. I didn't think to search for it by name at first (duh!) but when I did I noticed it was recommended on the whole9 'what to drink' suggestions. It's traditional medicinal's throat coat. If you haven't tried it it is a Whole30 MUST! It tastes AMAZING! I have really appreciated more the flavor of different teas since not adding sugar, this one tops the list. So so glad we found this. (I got it at Walmart but I've seen it at target and I'm sure you could probably get it just about anywhere)

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