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Sharyn's reintro diary - starting 31 March


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So today is the first day of my reintroduction programme after completing my second Whole30 from 1st - 30th March. Last time I didn't follow a proper reintro plan and regretted it right up to March 1st when I started another, successful, Whole30.


So today is Dairy


Breakfast - Greek yogurt with fruit, mixed seeds and chopped hazelnuts (I have been eating this combo as part of a compliant meal with coconut milk so the only change is the yogurt). 


Late morning - milky decaff coffee


Lunch - Whole30 compliant


Supper - a piece of cheddar after dinner (Whole30 compliant)


Fingers crossed for the next 72 hours that no symptoms occur. 

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No reactions so far :)  But I am on antihistamine for an allergy related eye infection so will have to be extra alert.


Back to Whole30 compliance today with eggs, spinach and mayo and a few blackberries with coconut milk for breakfast. Not sure about lunch but may go to Carluccio's restaurant for their chicken and prune salad. Dinner will be kedgeree made with cauliflower rice. 

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