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Hey everyone! What a great community we have here! I am truly feeling the love with this group. Anyway, I am doing a triathlon on Sept 8. Today is August 1st and my first day of Whole30.

This morning I had a kale, mushroom and tomato frittata (put too much kale in it, but it was still good). I topped it with avocado and salsa.

For snack I had a cup of black coffee, raw almonds and a small amount of dried apples. It helped me because I was feeling a bit nauseated today. I think it had something do with that bottle of sparkling wine and ice cream that I ate last night as my last hurrah.

For lunch I ate some grilled london broil strips, and grilled eggplant that I made last night in preparation for today.

For dinner, I made a stir-fry like nomnompaleos emergency protein http://nomnompaleo.com/post/4360193712/emergency-protein-a-k-a-garbage-stir-fry. It had onions, Julienned carrots and zucchini (they looked like noodles) ginger, garlic, mushrooms, baby spinach, coconut aminos, red pepper, five-spice powder and 2 lbs of grass-fed ground beef from trader joes. I made it thinking it was too much, and I would have leftovers, but the two men in my house finished it completely! They commented on feeling engorged like a tick afterwards. Oh well It was REALLY good, and I put tons of fresh ginger and green onions for a teriyaki-inspired taste.

I may snack on fruit tonight. I have been paleo/primal for a year and a half, except for I love cheese and ice cream. So the biggest challenge is the dairy and the sugar. And, I am training for a triathlon.

Take care!

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Oops, More than a few days have passed since my last log post, so here goes.

On Sunday, my 5th day I had

Emergency Protein for Breakfast (chicken, tomato, basil, spinach, garlic, mushroom)

1/2 small avocado, fresh tomato and basil

2 devilled eggs

Black Iced Tea


Feeling nauseated mid day so had some apple sauce and cinnamon, and raw almonds

later on had other snack of dried apples and whole raw almonds (maybe 2-3 pieces of apple and 5 almonds)

Ocassionally I would eat a few macadamia nuts,

I am not normally a snacking person, but didn't get to eat lunch.

Dinner Pot Roast, yam, salad with evoo and balsamic, cucumbers and tomato basil salad.

Later on at night, while in the middle of finishing my paper, I splurged and eat some strawberries with a tablespoon of fresh almond butter and a drizzle of coconut manna, topped with sliced raw almonds.

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Today, Day 6 Food Log

Breakfast - Zucchini Hash Browns, 3 eggs, and Salsa w/ lemon water

Snack - 1 cup black coffee

Lunch, 1 grilled chicken breast, grilled onions, cucumber salad, and tomato basil salad (leftover from Dinner a previous night

Dinner Homemade Thai Red Chicken curry with mushrooms and broccoli.

Dessert - Watermelon slices

By the way, I tried to make Paleo Mayo for Chicken Salad tomorrow and it was a FAILEO! :angry:

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