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Started 3/31: on day 3, nausea started around lunch- is it bad to skip meals?


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I started 3/31. My tummy has been gassy/"girgly"/unsettled/full feeling on and off since night 1. I haven't had any diarrhea or anything.


I may have eaten too much fruit night 1 and maybe at lunch on day 2. And perhaps too many sweet potatoes from the get go... So night 2, I made sure to not have either.


Today (day 3) I ate 3 eggs, green beans, cashews, 1/2 banana, and 1/2 an apple for breakfast. After bodypump and pilates, that ended at 1:15, I should've been ready to eat lunch but I have been extremely nauseated and a headache has set in. I feel like I'm going to blow chunks at any minute. There's no way I can eat. 


1. Could my body just need time to digest? (I mean, I have been eating more densely than usual (at   some meals) since I began and I'm sure my "Am I full?" judgement is still adjusting.) 


2. Or is this just the hangover?


Either way, is it okay to skip meals? 


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If you are nauseous, you may not be digesting food properly. It would be a good idea to take digestive enzymes for a while to support digestion while your gut bacteria grows to the place it needs to be. Read this article for more on the topic: http://whole9life.com/2012/09/digestive-enzymes-101/


You might also try avoiding nuts completely because they can be hard on digestion. 


Skipping meals can degrade your Whole30 experience, but I understand that eating while nauseous is a problem. Try to get some digestive enzymes soon and see if it helps. Most people who benefit should think in terms of using the enzymes for a month or so. If you don't experience an improvement after a week, then the problem might be something else.

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I have thrown up and still feel bad :/

The only thing I have eaten out of the norm is whole eggs, but I used to use about 1 whole to 2 whites. The only big thing I've had to eliminate is plain Greek yogurt with fresh fruit. I hope it's not a digestion problem. I think I have a stomache bug. Thank you for the enzyme advice, it seems beneficial either way!

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