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A French Girl amongst you :D

French Girl

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So as you assumed through my nickname, I am French! So, sorry if my english is not perfect, my google translator is open in case of... You know :D


Now just imagine this presentation with French accent and it will certainly make your evening :P


My name is Aude (wow such a frenchy name right :D) and I live in ... France tadaaaa (in Toulouse precisely). I'm 28 years old and I'm struggling with weight problems for as long as I can remember... And I'm done with it, especially since my mom died from a cancer last year (she was 53 years old ... Yep!), and my dad is fighting against is own this year (he's 55.. Yep²!). So I know my health will be a major concern in some time due to, as you can see, a predisposition for cancer in my family :'( Plus, I have IBS -_-


So I decided I wanted to eat healthy and I have to admit, you American people, are waaay better in this matter. Yes we have some Paleo bloggers here and there in the French internet but I didn't find a real program like Whole30 so, as my english is quite good, I decided to commit in it :)


My first day was April, 2nd and so it's my second day today and I have to say, I'm enjoying it. Some adjustements will have to be make, but I'm confident and expecting good results (at least the satisfaction to eat healthy :) )


I will see you very soon as I still have some questions. Have a nice evening... well, I just realised it's not evening at all in USA, so have a nice Whole30 (or not) day!


Bisous :D


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