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A minor victory


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This is day 8 of my first Whole 30 & so far things have been largely positive.


(Thank god for the timeline so I could rationalise my extreme tiredness and feelings of rage a couple of days ago!)


I just wanted to post and share what has been, for me, a surprising 'win' of the programme so far.


I'm just back from the supermarket and ready to start batch cooking for the week. I felt so good in the supermarket, shopping from my list and buying healthy food. This may sound silly, but the reason I felt so good is that I had absolutely no inclination whatsoever to buy any junk - no chocolate, crisps or sweets or diet Coke - at all. I walked past it all without a second glance.


(Even though I'm buying organic meat, eggs etc, I reckon not buying junk means my grocery bills will be coming down too!)


Anyway, hope everyone has a good week. I just wanted to revel a little in this new feeling of control!



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Thanks guys - right now I'm trying to find the small 'wins' to focus on. Much as I'd love this to kickstart some weight loss, if it changes the way I think about food then that will be a whole lot more useful! 


Have a lovely day.

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Day #10 and I'm still loving the feeling of control - I was (is it too early to say was?!) such an impulse buyer of junk!


I think the main thing I am appreciating is the feeling of genuine fullness; I haven't had to snack between meals at all.


Hope everyone else is doing well.



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