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Whole30 for pregnancy


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I'm getting ready to start my second Whole30 tomorrow. I did one in September and conceived halfway through. However, I fell into bad eating habits during the first trimester and have had a hard time getting back on track (even starting another Whole30 but not continuing). This is my sixth pregnancy and for five of the six, I have had high blood sugar readings in the last trimester - so I'm home testing four times a day. I'm doing well but find that I "cheat" too much - I've had the most success staying on track when I did my first Whole30 as opposed to the gradual approach, so here I am again. 


I'm hesitant to start another one; it takes a lot of focus and commitment and with being seven months pregnant, homeschooling three kids, and chasing after two more, I already feel overwhelmed. But since I already have to eat "low glycemic", I might as well do it right, with nutritious food that hopefully will be benefiting the baby and leaving me feeling better now and postpartum. 


So I spent a good part of the afternoon in the kitchen doing the prep work (and developing an achy back) but I know the preparation will pay off and allow me to stick to the plan, even during soccer season. 


Any support would be super, especially during these first days. Ugghh, not looking forward to the next several days but I am looking forward to how I'll begin to feel next week (but maybe the Whole30 timeline is different during pregnancy?). 



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Day One


M1: scotch egg, strawberries, sweet potato hash, black decaf tea

M2: salad with shrimp and bacon on top

S: almonds and a banana (am taking with me in case I need it)

M3: will be pork chops, sauteed cabbage, marinated carrots, maybe some applesauce (because you have to have it with pork chops?)


Day One is going okay except for the kids' behavior is driving me bonkers. I guess it's at least distracting enough that I don't have time to think about cravings or what I can't eat. Blood sugar readings look good. This afternoon might be tricky as we'll be out and about and eating out is always such a temptation. I'm feeling thankful for the food prep from yesterday to help me stay on track. That, and that the rain is supposed to head out this evening. 

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I can totally sympathize with how hard it is to do Whole30 while pregnant.  I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant and it totally sucked.  Everyone is trying to feed you and tell you to enjoy eating guilt free and eating what you want, blah blah blah.  But, for me, I couldn't do that.  It seemed like at every turn someone had a cookie or a brownie or cake for me.  I cried many days as I mourned my inability to eat these foods.  But, the GOOD NEWS, and there was good news, was that I was able to manage the GD with diet by eating on a Whole30 plan.  Because I could manage with diet, I didn't have to check my blood sugar 8 times a day (4 times a day was plenty torturous for me) and I didn't have to go on medication.  Not taking meds meant fewer risks and led to a healthy, happy baby who had no sugar crash and was a healthy weight.  That made it all worth it.  Hugs to you.  I know it's hard.  I know it seems unfair.  I know the pregnancy hormones and just the fact of being pregnant and uncomfortable add to it all.  Good luck and wishes for a happy, healthy pregnancy and baby.

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I did a HUGE food prep yesterday and feel much more prepared this week than last! 


Excited to see someone who got pg during Whole30. I have had fertility issues in the past and am hoping this "jump start" is what we need this time! 


Good luck!  I've found LOTS of amazing recipes and prep ideas in the Well Fed cookbooks!

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Day Two


Thanks for the encouragement, jrasbery. I managed to avoid medication with my other pregnancies and my babies didn't have any problems and weren't too big. My current doctor seemed surprised; I don't know if most people just go on insulin and don't try to make diet changes. And you're right, I think I'm having more psychological issues with going Whole30 - I feel sad and frustrated that I can't eat this or that - my days are so busy that eating has become a "reward" for me. But I have to remember all of the benefits of eating well (and that a lot of mourning is actually sugar speaking). Did you manage to continue eating paleo after pregnancy? Do you think it made a difference postpartum? 


MrsV - I don't know if you found it already, but there's a thread under the pregnancy section where someone asked for "conception while Whole30-ing" stories. I think the Whole30 must help with fertility - it helps the hormones and insulin and I think it sends the body the message, hey, we're getting all this nutritious food - it would be a good time to make a baby, lol. Good luck. 


Thanks, both of you, for the recipe ideas. 


M1: sausage links, eggs, cabbage, black tea

S: banana (meant for this to be with breakfast but ended up later, then I forgot to add protein and fat)

M2: salad with shrimp and bacon on top, small bit of mango

S: almonds, cashews, and coconut flakes and a small apple

M3: will be turkey breast, green beans, sweet potatoes


I'm not psyched about the snacking, even though it's allowed in pregnancy. But I remember from last time that eventually my body adjusted and went back to three meals. I felt pretty crappy yesterday evening (headache, fatigue, run-down) and when to bed at 9:00 but today hasn't been bad at all (so far). My blood sugar readings are the best I've ever had, so I'm really excited about that. I also love how eating Whole30 automatically causes me to eat more fruits and veggies (though I realize I need to move more towards the veggie side). 


I haven't had many cravings but I'm definitely struggling psychologically with thinking about what I can and can't eat. I think part of it is that I need to focus on the next 28 days (or even just a day or hour at a time) but part of me realizes I need to eat close to this way until the baby's birth and really, I should just eat this way period. I know it's best for me and baby and I know I feel great when I eat this way. But I don't really enjoy eating this way. Some kind of treat has been my little "reward" or the equivalent of a smoking-break. I need some new habit. 

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In the beginning it's normal to panic--as you prob remember from your first w30. Just remember you don't have to go nuts with the prep for every meal. Aside from pre prepping food you can also choose some simple meals--canned fish, grassfed hot dogs. For fast veggies microwave steam broccoli, sprinkle w sea salt, or fast sautée some cabbage and microplane some frozen ginger (my fave, takes two mins). I'm home with my kids and make a lot of very simple "meat cakes" (aka burgers) with just sea salt. No need to have a full on recipe meal 3x a day.

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HI! How are you feeling?


Try and make it as simple as possible - having things that are easy to grab and go that you don't even have to think about.


I started my third whole30 on the 31st after an entire month of eating so so poorly.


Take care hun! I'll message you and tell you more.



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Day Three


Thanks for the encouragement, ladies. The panic I'm feeling isn't so much with the food prep right now, as I filled the fridge on Sunday and I'm keeping it simple (no blog worthy meals here, lol). The panic is thinking about no more fill-in-the-blank food. Because I know I really need to eat this way long term; maybe not quite as strict as Whole30 but certainly paleo. Even the 80/20 rule doesn't seem to work for me because that 20% seems to creep higher and higher when I let other foods in. But I guess I just can't think about "forever" yet. 


I'm feeling surprisingly good. I went to bed early again yesterday with a scratchy throat, fully expecting to feel crummy today. Is it possible I get out of this without the "Whole30 flu"? Cravings are okay, though dried dates are calling my name a bit too much. Blood sugar readings are looking good. Food prep has been okay but the busy part of the week is looming, so it'll be tricky to break the habit of eating out. Need to keep my focus. 


M1: bacon, fried egg, carrots, black tea

S: apple, 1/2 scotch egg

M2: pork chop, cabbage, two tablespoons of sunbutter, four dried dates

M3: will be turkey soup - don't think I'll need anything else with it

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Day Four


A tricky day since I was out all day with the kids --- I really wanted some french fries. I went through the drive-thru and ordered an unsweet tea- I don't think they know what that is down here in the south, lol. They gave me sweet tea and so I ended up having a sip before realizing it, but did manage to not drink anymore. So, a victory but a disappointment. 


I'm feeling pretty good except for the scratchy throat that won't go away. Blood sugar readings looking good. Tomorrow should be easier in that I'm home most of the day but harder in that it's meatless Friday. 


What does it say about doing the Whole30 that I was eyeing up some jerky in the grocery store, thinking how good it looked, only to realize it was for dogs??? In my defense, it was at the end of the freezer section for some reason but still...


M1: sausage and egg scramble, marinated carrots, apple, black tea

M2: salad with chicken on top

M3: salad with ham and pepperoni on top, fruit salad

M4: the rest of the salads


Very creative meals, no?

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Day Five


M1: n'oatmeal with almond milk, scrambled eggs (our chickens finally started laying), black tea - forgot the veggie

M2: tuna salad, carrots, apple with sunbutter, green tea

M3: will be shrimp, salad, pumpkin "pudding" 


I know some foods, like the n'oatmeal and the pudding sort of thing, might be considered SWYPO, but since I don't crave the "real" or the paleo version, and they don't act as a trigger for me, I'm going to use them. It's hard enough coming up with meatless foods all day. 


I'm feeling well and blood sugar readings are good. I'm not super excited about eating - I guess ultimately this is a good thing?? Eat to live not live to eat and all that. But I feel bummed out to not look forward to food. It sounds pitiful, I know. Such a first world problem and how lame is to look forward to food as opposed to family or the beautiful spring-things happening outside, etc? But there it is. 


I'm remembering another benefit to the Whole30 - our grocery budget might be a bit higher but our eating out money is lower this month, thus far. Woohoo.

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Day Six 


I guess I've hit the "Kill all Things" phase - I am feeling so irritable. Not a good thing for a mom with five kids running around. Plus we have a birthday party to go to - yipppeee - not my favorite thing to do on a good day. Anyway, I'm physically feeling okay though a bit tired and a little queasy; I'm not sure what is pregnancy and what is Whole30. Blood sugars are really good. Reflux is way better than it has been.


I will be going to church by myself this evening - it will be nice to actually sit in the pew through an entire Mass - hopefully it will allow me to recharge. The tricky thing will be not eating out on my way home because I love to eat by myself since I rarely get to do it. 


M1: sausage and eggs, black tea - forgot the veggie again and had a hard time choking down breakfast for some reason

S: pumpkin pudding with raisins

M2: turkey soup

M3: probably will be bratwurst, cabbage, green beans, salad

S: might be a plain hot dog at the party since I'll be eating dinner so early in order to go to church


Not excited about the snacking again but dinner's schedule is so thrown off and breakfast was weird with being unable to eat much. 

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Okay, confession time. I had sushi with rice for lunch. I haven't been as worried about making it a straight 30 days - I know my Easter meal will be paleo but not Whole30 and likewise for my baby shower. I also know that I have to eat Whole30 until the baby is born, so closer to a Whole60. However, this was/is a mistake. I had been getting away with eating some potatoes before the Whole30, blood sugar-wise, so I thought I could get away with some rice. I rarely eat it but thought it was one of the "safer" grains. But it shot my blood sugar up and I felt awful (and my reflux is back). I don't know if I felt awful because of the rice - I don't remember ever feeling bad after rice but perhaps that's because my diet already contained grain. Or, perhaps I felt awful specifically because of the high blood sugar. Or probably a combo. Lesson learned on rice. Makes me wonder about eating it during "normal times". 


M1: bacon and an egg, black tea - still having a hard time eating breakfast

S: one pear and some almonds

M2: sushi

M3: probably will be a bratwurst, 1/2 avocado and some salad


On a better note, I have done even more prep work today than last Sunday. Not just breakfast and veggie stuff but a chicken soup, two types of marinated chicken, burgers, and meatballs. I know I'll be cooking a lot for Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter, so I wanted food to be prepped for the beginning of the week. So I'm feeling good about that. I'm looking forward to getting back on track and feeling better. 

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M1: scotch egg, sweet potatoes, black tea

M2: spicy chicken breast, carrots, 1/2 avocado, black tea

S: frozen banana blended with almond milk and unsweetened cocoa powder

M3: will be meatballs with sauce or more spicy chicken (ground beef is iffy and gets my reflux going during pregnancy), salad, green beans, and asparagus (from the garden - and I don't have to share because I'm the only one who likes it)


I know the smoothie is not exactly embraced on the Whole30 but it kept me from diving into a bag of chocolate chips. It seriously hit the spot, though I hope it doesn't cause me to want it all the time. But still, not such a bad snack. 


My blood sugar readings are looking good and I'm looking forward to showing them to the doctor on Wednesday. He wanted me to do the usual glucose test but I think these home readings provide much more valuable information on how to eat. Of course, he's probably going to think I'm nutso when he sees my food/readings "journal". 


I was so tired yesterday when I finally finished all the food prep/clean up but I really like opening the fridge and having so many choices. I don't even have to really cook dinner for the next few days. I'm also happy I avoided snacking this morning and that I remembered my vegetable with breakfast, though the sweet potatoes seem way more palatable than "green stuff"  in the morning. 

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I can see why they say a lot of people quit around day ten -- I'm just sort of bored of the food and bored of thinking about it. I'm saved by the facts I don't need to go out today and the food at home is "good", that my fridge is stocked with easy-to-go-to foods, and that this way of eating is giving me great blood sugar readings. 


M1: bacon and eggs, carrots, black tea

M2: spicy chicken, cabbage, banana smoothie with almond milk and cocoa (at least it was half the size as yesterday's).

S: might want a snack since I ate lunch early

M3: will be meatballs, salad, green beans


I have lost four pounds since starting. I know we're not supposed to weigh ourselves but I'm not looking to lose weight since I'm pregnant. I'm figuring most of that loss is actually water and I guess it's good to release that??? I'm assuming it helps with high blood pressure, etc, though I don't usually have that problem, even in pregnancy (knock on wood). I'm just curious what the doctor will say but I'm assuming as long as baby is growing, it's all good. 

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Yesterday's appointment went great. The OB said my blood sugar readings are great and to keep doing what I'm doing. He said he rarely sees people able to control the gestational diabetes this well with just diet - yay Whole30/paleo. I think that says two things though - how often to doctors teach how to eat a diet that helps with diabetes and how often are people willing to make the drastic changes that are often needed? I remember when I diagnosed in pregnancy number two and the diet advice I was given was totally crazy, like, eat a couple of cookies in between meals to keep my blood sugar stable??? Anyway,


M1: sausage and eggs, carrots, black tea - breakfast is still really hard to choke down for some reason

M2: roast beef, charoset, mustard greens, seltzer with splash of grape juice, one paleo coconut macaroon (yes, this had honey) -- this was our meal in celebration of the Last Supper 

M3: will probably be a burrito/taco salad (the restaurant calls it a naked burrito)

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Will resume checking in here after the weekend. I will admit that I am busy cooking delicious paleo but not necessarily Whole30 foods for our Easter brunch and dinner. This is the greatest feast of our Church and I have five kiddos and a super husband I'm looking forward to celebrating with. So, I'll be back on board Monday and Happy Easter!

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So I have totally derailed and need to restart my Whole30. I was proud of myself for cooking up a storm for our first paleo/primal Easter meal (for Saturday evening) and I even made some paleo stuff for Sunday morning, since Mass was so early. But I derailed after Mass and stopped to get a coffee, which turned into a McD's meal. And derailed again when we went for a drive and ended up at Pizza Hut. So I have been eating up the leftovers. My blood sugars are okay when eating the paleo leftovers but are not good when eating the junk (no surprise). 


And I'm feeling it. My headaches, reflux, irritability, bloated feeling, fatigue - it's all back. Funny how I never realize how much better I'm starting to feel until I eat crappy again. I have no choice but to jump back in. I have to get my blood sugars back to the great numbers they were. I need to start feeling better again - my five kiddos and the one in utero aren't going to wait for Mom to feel better. And I need to get back to feeding baby the better food. 


I hesitated posting here but I feel like this log is the one of the best tools I have for staying on track. I hope I'm not discouraging someone who is "wobbling" themselves. 


M1: sausage, egg, sweet potato casserole - so happy to have found this recipe even though I'm the only one who likes it

M2: noodles with cheese and sauce (last of the junk leftovers), paleo carrot cake (last of the Easter leftovers)

M3: will be ham, asparagus, salad

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M1: sweet potato, egg, sausage casserole, black tea

M2: small bit of pineapple, tomato soup, banana/almond milk smoothie - my stomach was off and I just couldn't stomach a more substantial lunch

M3: will probably be meatloaf and salad


I'm looking forward to feeling better because I don't right now. Sort of still in a junk food "hangover" with lots of heartburn last night. I'm realizing how very key preparation is for this way of eating, at least for me. I cook so much for Easter that I didn't do my Whole30 cooking on Sunday and have started this day having to scramble to figure out what to eat. To that end, I cooked two dinners with the four pounds of beef I had been thawing - a meatloaf and some chili. So that will help. I have a bunch of chicken thawing, so I will try to make two dinners tomorrow as well and that should carry us through to Sunday. 

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M1: egg, sweet potato, sausage casserole, black tea

M2: meatloaf, sweet potato, few pieces of pineapple, apple 

M3: will probably be spicy chicken and salad, 1/2 avocado


Nothing much to report. Feeling physically better but mentally worse, as I'm super irritable and not feeling like doing much of anything. Not sure what is due to pregnancy, WHole30, or general grouchiness. 

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