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A Day Niner feeling a little nervous about Easter (tomorrow)


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Hi.  I started Whole 30 back on April 11th so today is my 9th day on program.  I am feeling pretty good but still in a slightly vulnerable place.  My husband is not on board with me, but is doing something different.  I have 2 teens left at home (the others are in college) who are also not on the Whole 30 bandwagon.  I'm not sure why it's a wagon, since I'm the only one in the house on it...but whatever.  


Evil things are cooking in my house today since we agreed about 3 weeks ago to make cookie/brownies as an Easter dessert.  Thankfully my daughter baked them so I didn't have to come in contact with any of the ingredients.  I can't lie and say I don't want them, because I do.  Just the aroma is making my mouth water.  Deep down I know I have chosen the Whole 30 for overall good health, but that darn sugar monster is still lurking somewhere close by.


I know when we arrive at my sister's tomorrow, the house will be filled with delicious smells that will bring back memories and cause me to second guess why I started Whole 30 before Easter.  It will also be filled with 4 of my 5 siblings and their families all shoving food under my nose.   It may have been somewhat short-sighted on my part, but I really wanted to start right away (back on the 11th) because I figured then that I would already be 11 days in by the 21st (that's like 1/3 done), and honestly, why wait to start feeling better?  Why wait to start solving the problems I have caused by my lousy eating habits?  It all sounds so easy when I write it down, but putting it into practice when I am bombarded by my family is making me a little uneasy.  I suppose I can go for a walk if it gets to be too much and totally avoid the dessert table.  I also already forewarned 2 of my sisters that I am on this program and not to be insulted if I don't eat whatever they've prepared.  


I've read all the articles about being prepared with my own food in case there's nothing being served that's Whole 30 friendly.  I've also decided that I'm not going to cave in.  However, I don't always keep my promises to myself where food is concerned.  I'm hoping and praying that I survive tomorrow and emerge victorious so I can feel amazing on Monday, knowing I have conquered another battle in the me vs. unhealthy food war.



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Hi Goingitalone,  You are not alone.  We are all here on the wagon with you!  I really feel for you facing your family tomorrow.  You are really being tempted today and more to come tomorrow.  I don't have family in Tahoe, they are in Sacramento and they don't celebrate Easter so I don't have that temptation.  I think it probably is easier to do a Whole30 as a single person.  I have 2 dogs - they don't pressure me - except for an occasional dog cookie.  But I have had to face my family on other issues. It isn't easy but they will respect you if you stand firm for what you believe in.   I hope you can relax tomorrow and enjoy visiting with your family.  And I hope they can accept your decision to do something for yourself and for your health.  The holidays shouldn't be about the food anyway!  I know they are for a lot of people though.  I can picture you as the great and victorious conqueror - your trophy will be good health and self respect!!!


Laurie  :)

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Hi Goingitalone,

You CAN do Easter and you are NOT alone!

It sounds like you have already taken some steps

to make Sunday work in your favor. Letting some

family members know ahead of time that your plate will

be different this year, deciding that you will not

cave in and also having a plan to go for a walk if needed

are all proactive steps.

You're doing this for your health, no one else's. You can

do this, even on a holiday, for YOU.

YOU matter! So have an awesome Whole Easter! :0)

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My two cents: have something *really* good prepared for yourself, something really delicious, mouthwatering, extraordinarily tasty (and compliant, of course), so you do not feel deprived. With any luck, they will envy you for what you're eating rather than you envying them! :-)

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Thanks for your words of encouragement.  I stayed with the plan and you are absolutely correct.....not only do I have the dance of the self-righteous to do....but I feel empowered by keeping a promise to myself!  My family was very understanding as I tried to keep away from the kitchen as much as possible (which was a lot easier since it wasn't at my house).  


So instead of the guilt and anger I would be feeling today if I had gone off Whole 30, not to mention a possible food hangover, I FEEL AMAZING!



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