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Bad sleep, sore throat and an AWFUL day

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I don't think that what I'm about to describe can be tied to the W30, I'm just curious if any members have experienced anything like this.


Last night I went to sleep at about 10:15. I'm a light sleeper and it's a constant challenge for me to get quality sleep. My dog jumped off the bed around 1:15 waking me up. My bladder usually wakes me up between 4-6 every morning so I went to the bathroom and tried going falling back asleep with no luck. I was awake and felt a small knot in my stomach. I wasn't hungry based on the broccoli/fish standard, but I suspected that I had not eaten enough at dinner and my stomach was starting to churn. I also noticed I had a strange tickle in my throat.


I moved to the couch and started reading. Within 30 minutes both the throat and stomach ailments had intensified. Usually when I awake earlier then planned I just give up on sleep and start my day. But in this case I had barely gotten 3 hours of sleep and knew I needed more. I took a sleeping pill and ate a few bites of coconut butter hoping it would help. It did not. I continued reading before I eventually got desperate. I wasn't truly hungry. The only way I know to describe the feeling in my gut is to compare it to drinking strong coffee in the morning without eating breakfast. The caffeine/stimulant effect makes you feel think you are not hungry, even though you can feel your stomach turning looking for food. So I ate a RX bar, a banana, and a few pieces of primal beef jerky, and took another sleeping pill. Finally, at 4 am, I got back in bed and fell sleep. 


I slept soundly until about 8:30, so I technically even with the interruption I still got over 7 hours of sleep. But I might as well have gotten 0. Today has been an absolute train wreck. The sore throat has continued to worsen. I've been so fatigued I can barely function. All I can seem to think about is getting back in bed, but when I tried a power nap around 5:30 this afternoon, I couldn't rest.


Anybody experienced something like this before? Thanks in advance.

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