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2nd whole 30! Kim's log


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Ok I am so missing following my whole30 plan. I have been following Paleo, not perfect but striving for it for the last two years. I did do Ironman last year and did not follow Paleo during my long training days which was ok for me at the time. Now I finally finished my first whole 30 in Feb of this year but after, I realized I had a few little mishaps occurred and I learned SO much that I still considered I finished but it after the 34 days, I didn;t do the introductions like I should have and let some things back in...I was testing myself. I failed. Ha Just got back from a cruise and oh so did not follow my plan with alcohol and some desserts but that is ok. But I am ready to make this happen again and then try to follow Paleo for a solid year after completing a truly successful whole30. Here I go... Resetting my body again!! Life is about learning, right? Live and learn.

I am going to just keep adding to my post.

Meal 1: 2 eggs, spinach, onions, olive oil

Meal 2: chicken, tomato, lettuce spring mix, 1/2 avocado.

Meal 3: steak, broccoli, 1/2 avacado

Very tired tonight from vacation and getting back home. I skipped my swim workout. Uggg. Disappointed in myself but it will take me a day or so to get back. I wasn't super hungry today

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Day 2

So I fell asleep at 9 last night and work up at 4:30am but didn;t really get out of bed until 6-6:30 or so. I am training for a half ironman in Aug so my main focus is my training and losing body fat. I have a few other tris about once a month, some 5-10Ks as well sprinkled in between. With my first whole30, i felt awesome after the tired phase and my body responded really well to getting sugar out of my body. i never thought i was a huge sugar person but with how it hides in our foods, I was still getting plenty plus cravings peridodically.


Prework out Meal: 1/2 can tuna, 1/4 avacaco (6:30am)

Postwork out Meal: 1/2 can tuna

I ran 6 miles.


Meal 1: (2:00pm) spinach, 1 egg, chicken breast, 3/4 small avacado, 1/4 zuchinni.

Meal 2: (6pm) I left work early with a headache and around 6pm ate an egg and some spinach/tomato and a bunch of nuts and raisins. Is raisins compliant?? I cant remember so I will look but I do know I ate way too many! Something I definetly need to stay on top of.


I missed my swim workout for the day but i was running a fever and had such a headache.

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Day 3

I feel asleep last night around 9pm last night from not feeling well. So far I feel better today but not quite great... i think my fever is hanging around. I woke up with no alarm at 5:40. I wanted to do my bike workout in the morning but didn;t quite have enough time before work but I did some planks. I will do my 75 min bike tonight after work...

Meal 1: (6:45am) 2 HB eggs, 1 green pepper

Meal 2: chicken, spinach, onion, zuchinni, 1/2 large avacado

Meal 3: 5:30pm 3 egg omelette , olive oil. Zucchini. Mushroom onion black olive. Banana, nuts and small box of raisins. I ate a lot and really didn't need the banana and nuts but wanted something crunchy and salty.

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Raisins are compliant if they have no sugar or other off plan ingredients in them. Most have bad oils. They are not a great choice - dried fruit should be used in great moderation.


Looking at your activity level and your food log I will say that you really really really are not eating enough. Your post workout meal yesterday should have included a starchy vegetable. A full serving of eggs is as many whole eggs as you can hold in your open hand. I'm only 5'4" and have small hands and can hold/eat 3-4. You can also probably easily eat on the upper end of the template at every meal on workout days which will mean 2 palm sized servings of protein and at least 2 servings of fat.


Take care of your body and don't push yourself through workouts if you are feeling over tired and/or sick. The rest will do more for you in the long run I guarantee. 

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Thanks Bethany... thanks for the feedback on raisins. I usually don;t eat them but my husband happened to buy them so I made my own trailmix with them and the nuts. However... now my daughter finished off the bag of the rasins there are no more for me this grocery week! ha. Usually I eat alot more while following paleo and day to day... especially fat (i love avacado)... but I got back from a vacation several days ago and I think I am still full from eating (non-compliant... boo :( foods) that I think maybe my body just isnt especially hungry at the moment.  I will be adding my meal 3 to the post above after I get home from work and eat it. I am editing my posts as the day goes on...  Usually I eat quite a bit during my days... usually NOT a problem! ha

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Day 4

I went to bed at 9ish last night woke up at 12:30 as I fell asleep on the couch last night but slept hard and woke up at 5:40 and was wide awake.

Pre workout: 1/2 can wild tuna with 1/4 avacado

Post workou: 1/3 sweet potato, 1/2 can tuna

Meal 1: 10:00am spinach, chicken, strawberry, nuts

Meal 2:1:30. Salad egg tomato cucumber oil

Meal 3: beef tomato olives avacado lettuce banana and 2/3 sweet potato

I had more carbs today because of my workout and feeling like I need to get my energy up

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Day 5

I slept in this morning a bit since i got to bed late last night. I didn;t sleep great last night and got to bed late so i wanted to sleep in which meant I was skipping my swim workout this morning (i can't get my swimming in...!!!)

Meal 1: 7:15am-ish 2 egg omlete, onion, mushroom, bit of olive oil, spinach black olive. I wasn't super hungry

Meal 2: 12:00pm ish - spinach, chicken onion mushroom black olive 1/2 avacado. I was just hungry enough that I was ready to eat.. perfect timing.

I have had a bit of coffee today. Going to mom's tonight so not sure yet what i plan on doing for meal 3... not sure i want to eat what she has in her house. i need to get prepared for tomorrows nuturition for my long bike ride. going outdoors hopefully! I might do my swim in the morning. i might make it a short swim as i tend to get tired from my swims as I haven't been doing them... i never liked the beginning of my training/spring!!

Meal 3: so went to moms tonight straight from work and I knew I better plan what to do. So I thought I would stop at gas station and get almonds banana and eggs. No eggs cuz electricity went out so got Banana and almonds. Started driving and eating almonds I realized they contained ingredients... Ugg . Decided to follow what I planned in what I am doing best I can in my circumstance and it is better than what a chipotle burrito so this is where my whole30 ends and my paleo comes in. My whole 30 will start over tomorrow. Anyways then stopped at next gas station to get eggs. Bad eggs? I ate two hard boiled eggs and two egg whites. Immediate upset stomach. Got to moms and proceeded to eat 2 cups of trail mix. She can't keep that in the house. It has put me in and situation and yesterday was a major wake up call. I have learned now that I just need to keep moving and not kick myself.

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