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Didn't think I had any weight to lose!


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So I finished my Whole30 today!

I've been paleo since February, so I was already at the lowest weight I've ever been and fitting clothes I've never looked at before. I didn't think I had any more weight to lose and was doing this mostly for food intolerances and seeing what the most healthy it was possible to get to looked like.


  • My stomach flattened completely, in the first week
  • I've lost 1.3kg (2.9lb) from my lowest weight (a few days before starting) despite not having any to lose
  • I'm now a low size 8 (US 4), where I was a high size 8 before
  • I've lost 1.5cm off my waist and 1.5cm off my hips
  • I feel pretty damn healthy
  • I don't tend to crave sugar


  • I don't feel any healthier than before I started - I take this to mean I was already pretty healthy from eating 90% paleo - guess this isn't really a negative ;)
  • None of my clothes fit!
  • I'm BONY. I need to build up some muscle so my hip bones aren't a public health hazard.

I had a patch through the middle where work was horrible, and I was really wishing for a glass of wine at night. That seemed to pass, the last week I haven't had the cravings. I still think it's a nice thing to have after a stressful day because it lets you stop thinking about work, but at least if I don't have it I'm not seriously craving it.

So that's me! Today I'm reintroducing lactose... I actually know I'm mildly lactose intolerant but I want to see how bad the fall out is, so I can decide when it's worth it. So I'm testing on cheese, fancy yoghurt and fancy icecream. :)

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