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Day 2 and the Sugar Cravings have already hit


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Hey everyone!


I am excited to join this community... albeit nervous. My boyfriend and I have decided to do the Whole30 to help change our habits and help (me) with weightloss. I've done a cleanse in the past, so I'm really looking forward to the energy and good habits that result. I'm blogging about it here, mainly to document what we're eating and to help me tell others about it:



With that said...


It is Day 2 and I want everything. I want chocolate. I want sugar. I want meringue cookies and Starbucks and chocolate cake and chocolate chip cookies and creamy ice cream.


I did NOT expect these cravings to hit so quickly. Already, last night in a dream I had a forbidden food (a brownie maybe?) and all I thought was, "I couldn't even make it one day." I know that I am stressed out right now, which is maybe why the sugar need is manifesting itself so quickly. 


Any suggestions for getting through this? I kind of want to crash early and wish I could sleep through the next few days just to be further along in the process. 




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Many people do not eat enough when they start a Whole30 because they apply conventional wisdom about dieting to this program. My most frequent comment when I read someone's food log is that they need to eat more. Maybe you need to eat more. :) Cravings are always worse when you are under-feeding yourself. 


One of the critically important guides to doing a good Whole30 is the meal template: http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf Never eat less than the meal template minimum and you should be good to go.

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