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Texas Roadhouse


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I am on my 2nd week of whole30 and going out for the first time.  A group of us are going to Texas Roadhouse to eat.  I have combed the menu and have looked online for "ingredients" but have had no luck. 


My plan:  ribeye, sweet potato (i am taking my own ghee) and side salad (no croutons or cheese - and taking my own dressing). 


My only concern is the steak.  Does anyone know how the season it and/or what kind/if they put oil on it before grilling?

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Your choices sound good so far.


One thing I learned at any and all restaurants - call ahead or ask when you arrive. Have "the conversation" with the server about what you cannot have. Don't assume anything based on the menu.


Ask the server to consult with the Chef and figure out what would be relatively easy for them to omit/alter/sub to make a compliant meal.


For instance, only by talking to a server did I find out the steak entree was fine, but the steak salad was not. It was a different cut of steak (not noted on the menu) that was marinated in soy sauce. So don't be afraid to enlist the server's help!


Another lesson - the servers don't always know. After our first whole30 we went to the west coast to a breakfast place. We asked what type of oil they cooked with and the server said we don't use oil, we use butter!


She believed it. We believed it.


Later we realized there was NO CHANCE it was butter. Maybe "I can't believe it's not butter". We weren't on Whole30 officially at the time, so it wasn't a huge deal, but she was really nice and sincere - she just didn't know.


So be super nice and ask your server to talk to the chef about what options you have.

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